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Samples of toefl essays - Different types of TOEFL essay questions

i think i understand how to write an essay but when i have to do it, i have no idea what to write! Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice. I would like to say thanks to you for all hard work you ve done. They do not publish past TOEFL papers, but they do give you a list of possible essay topics and sample tests which are similar to the actual exam.

Lastly, to help employees become more efficient writers, the professor suggests that they follow the steps of the writing process. I would like to know some information about the TOEFL JUNIOR test.

Telephones and email have made communication between people less personal.

10 Simple Strategies to Pass the TOEFL Independent Writing Section There are some ways you can improve your score by using some basic strategies.

Businesses should do anything they can to make a profit.

In each of the test formats, there is a Writing section.

To transfer the raw materials the factory needs, there will be many trucks coming and going through the streets, and the noise will disturb residents and it is unsafe for our children who always play freely in the streets before.

Groups needed more time for meetings, which are neccesary procceedures in decision making.

This response is generally free of errors in grammar and usage and displays sufficient control of language to support a score of 4. Compare the benefits of planning free-time activities with the benefits of not making plans.

Second, the advantage of gathering family members around a meal at home is lost. And u can learn how to organize a meeting or a party. People could reduce their fares a lot by using the public traffic system, and they can spend the money on some other things. I heard the question in the video about the compare topic. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. but while i write essay i cannot generate ideas quickly.

Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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These are the things our grandparents can t-do in their period. It will be a great thing which benefits everyone in the city and makes our lifes more convenient. The government is trying to appease its residents, and one can warrant that the role of the government is to please the people. TERM Fall 07 PROFESSOR Addington TAGS Twe, TOEFL Essay Questions Literature Study Guides Learn more about characters, symbols, and themes in all your favorite books with Course Hero s FREE study guides and infographics!

The way people learn would be another important thing that a fast, free and reliable internet service could better in my home town.

What other rewards for good work could be effective in encouraging further good work? Which type of contribution do you think is valued more by your society?

com TWE Essays 22 292 22 Topic 2 Who are the best teachers in our life? Another is to freeze up and write down almost nothing. On the other hand, a factory could bring a lot of benefits to the community. When Aristotle wrote in his transcripts that the earth is the center of our planets, no one doubts this for centuries. Use specific reasons and details to explain your opinion. Of course, there are also many other reasons that people study in college such as to get more friends, and increase one s You can also practice brainstorming or planning reasons even if you don t write a complete response.

I have a question about the agree disagree topics. Listen, speak, read and write but also have someone give you feedback on your English. As it is understood, in year 2011, a great number of people lost their jobs, especially in Europe due to Global Economic crises.

The key to success in the writing section is practice. An accumulation of errors in sentence structure and or usage. could you pleas guide me to the correct way thank you in advance Great lesson! I met this site today for the first time and i am enjoying it. We often hear that an electrical engineer went to a university to study art or music. 100 Some people think that governments should spend as much money as possible on developing or buying computer technology. A shockingly small number Americans have any retirement savings at all most people simply will not save for future needs unless they are forced to.

So in conclusion, I like a restaurant or a cafe has the features of clean and quiet. 31 Some people spend their entire lives in one place.

This means careers, such as information technology, that are expected to need a large workforce in the coming years. 100 365 currency day Cancel before endTrialDate.

Write only about the topic that s given to you by the exam. Next you will listen to part of a lecture on the same subject. 7 How do movies or television influence people s behavior?

5 A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community.

In that section, your opinions and ideas should not be included, so make sure to study for that section separately.

So wishing good things and an easy life may prevent children from maturation.

i appreciate teacher Rebecca i like the way of teaching its so funny, understandable Rebecca is the best. This is a complete practice TOEFL, but it does include several sample essays along with score explanations so you can get a more in-depth look at how and why different essays received the scores they did. Posted by Haylie It s seems to be real test questions, It s truly remarkeble task. Classmates are a more important influence than parents on a child s success in school. Recruiting fresh employee takes time to cope up the organizations work ethic and its rules. Discuss the value of history and literature in relation to the value of math and science. Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice. First, it deprives each worker of using or investing that tax money during the year. Generally, knowledge gained from books is theoretical, that gained from experience is practical. 57 Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think.

For many people this maybe their last chance for a long time to get knowledge that don t relate to their career. Eventually, you ll want to take a complete TOEFL practice exam it s the only way to be fully prepared for the TOEFL. I m attending special courses to prepare for TOEFL in Russia now, but our teacher isn t so good as you. We stop using our own imagination when we see things acted out for us.

Second, I can use internet to search for what I want, and this would help me solve the problems and find the solutions quickly. For exemple, if in my opinion the best way is to find a midpoint solution. Of course, there will be some drawbacks of building a new factory here. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I deeply agree that our life is easier than our grandparents.

When you read something or to something, think Do I agree or disagree?

Use specific reasons and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

Compare the advantages of having friends who are different from you with the advantages of having friends who are similar to you. For our prompts, we ll be looking at some of Kate s excellent suggestions in.

Have you ever learned something better from your parents than you did from a teacher? We stop using our own imagination when we see things acted out for us. Example Reading In a vote that took place at the International Astronomical Union Conference on August 24th, 2006, Pluto lost its status as a planet in our solar system. Talk about an experience in your life that made you feel embarrassed. Others believe that young children should spend most of their time playing. For research people, knowledge from books is more important, while for our average people, knowledge from practice is more important.

the manipulation of white lies is the most obvious the business world.

I even cut down some of them I like and put them in my book. Firstly, a new factory near our community helps to improve living standard of people in our community. Thus, when children go to school and have a great diversity of teachers, they learn much more than their parents could probably give them. i ve been teaching toefl for 4 years and found it really practical. In a sense, the City may not be willing to draw money away from other key projects from road improvements to schools and education. In terms of the integrated writing, the essay will include the most important points in both the reading and the listening.

In my view, uniforms are good idea, three reasons convince me that will improve the educational experience of students.

According to the reading, Pluto was demoted due to its size. Your score will depend on the quality of your writing as well as how well you answer the question. there is some problem on page Thank you for your explanation. Integrated Tasks first give you a reading passage and then give you a listening passage on the same topic.

65 Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings? Thank you Rebecca for providing such great videos for TOEFL IBT student since a few months ago started to watch your video from Youtube and as well from EnVid. Describe the custom and explain why you are fond of it.

78 Is it more important to be able to work with a group of people on a team or to work independently? You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics. thanks for ur lecture Hi Ms Rebecca,Your Lecture is very good. For exemple, if in my opinion the best way is to find a midpoint solution. Last, but not the least, we can help others much better if puttiing what we learn in a university into use. Please refer to Raymond Murphy s Basic Grammar in Use and work through it steadily.

On the other hand, many longer responses receive only a 2 or a 3.

Thank you one more time Hi Rebecca thank you for your lesson.

152 Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources, such as forests, animals, or clean water. When he goes off the campus, he always has stronger competition ability than those who do not go to the universities.

Talk about an event from the past that you would like to relive. I believe there are three common reasons are to prepare for career, increase their knowledge and get new experience.

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