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Best facebook case studies - How We Used Facebook Live Video to Grow Organic Reach 300 3 Bonus Case Studies

It s possible these likes could have been from company employees, but it still extends the reach of the post to the friends of those 79 people. The company ran a six week campaign using Marketplace ads targeting several different age groups. After the video went viral, masks like this one were sold out everywhere. Facebook s newsfeed has an algorithm to determine exactly what content to display in each user s feed. Lesson Learned 17 There is no barrier to the type and cost of the product you are selling you can even sell a high priced product using Facebook Ads. They targeted people in the stadiums locations and people s Likes and Interests.- last year Good luck Jan, let us know how you get on. Do you have important dates you want to show in your profile? The site is updated many times each day, which might clarify the rate occurring.

Pipedrive s ad jumps right to the sales pitch As prospects click on the ad, they ll be conducted to a landing page with a free trial offer. Lesson Learned 22 Facebook ads provide narrower targeting which helps you to laser in on your ideal audience.

, Matt Lewis, co-owner co-founder, Baked NYC Baked NYC s campaign began on 9th November 2016, and concluded on Thanksgiving, helping the neighborhood cafe reach a wide local audience in the city and drive sales for their Thanksgiving pies.

Key Takeaways Inside your Google Analytics account, you can slice and dice your audiences in different ways with the data there. Results In the first week, the RED Facebook Page gained 225,000 fans Over the course of the campaign, the fan count rose 117 On World AIDs Day, the RED Facebook Page was the third-highest Page gaining fans at 148 likes per minute Over 100,000 changed their profile pictures to a RED photo or shared the RED Awareness Video 74. Here s how to adjust the incremental bids like how much you spend per click in order to get the most bang for your buck. 7 rating out of 1,226 ratings with more than 12 thousand students enrolled.

It can be a more engaging way to tell your story and demonstrate the value of your products and services to a business. Boost the post with advertising To get more visibility and entries into the contest, Zaggora should have boosted the contest announcement post by using Facebook s native advertising platform. One friend has to invite three others for a total of four. They decided to advertise discounts for fans for a week. The final phase was to persuade people to vote for Sofia.- last year Hi lewis, should we use a fake FB account to apply this? How d you manage to get to 25 cent clicks for news feed ads? I don t use Facebook Advertising, but it s looks interesting. Contractors Get a Free Social Media Analysis If you re like most contractors, you probably don t have time to be messing around on Facebook plus it s way too tempting to creep on your high school sweetheart while you re on there and don t have the resources to hire a full time person to do it. Adidas Originals Adidas, in a six-month long campaign, wanted to increase the number of connections on its Facebook page, generate video engagement, and re-introduce itself as a modern, trendy fashion brand. Besides, we live in an era where the line between home and work has blurred. All during fall, historically one of the slowest times for the brand.

Michael is also the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, one of the largest publishing companies in the US, he was recently named one of Category Tags, Search Blog Posts Podcast Episodes by Topic Search Copyright 2013 rickmulready. Red Bull, which is a drink popular with teen and college ages kids, definitely knows its audience, and they ve played to that face by categorizing their page under business type

We ve spent a good amount of that time over the last year doing lead gen campaigns for both B2B and B2C, sending people to lead gen pages from Facebook ads. See how social makes an impact on web traffic, conversions, and revenue. A friend had suggested we look at, so we started our trial and with their tool, and their campaign reviews, we finally took off! Mizzou Market is telling hungry college students that it has everything students need for the big game. Goals The contest was designed with clear goals in mind Help grow the company s mailing list, and boost engagement with a by asking people to share their photo and include a hashtag. This was simply a one-time case study to prove it was possible to make money with Facebook and Teespring.

For example, Intercom s Facebook ad invites prospects to learn more about their Intercom Demos feature. 81 times more likely to make a purchase than non-video viewers. One of the nice things about Facebook ads is you can delve into the metrics to determine your ideal audience. We published a post about, and it was very well received and shared over 3000 times, so we thought to take it a step further. However, when promoting SaaS products, you might want people to sign up on your landing page as you ll be able to lead them directly into your product s onboarding funnel. Results At the peak of Bonobos marketing campaign on Facebook, 10 of their site traffic was driven by Facebook 18. We don t allow ads that refer to the viewer s attributes ex race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, name. You might say Wait Neil, are you sure this isn t just a news feed post from Udemy? For example, if your costs are low and you can afford more in order to get more total customers, you can set up a rule that says to increase bids a little bit as a percentage automatically. Actually, they know their customers very well which makes their passion endemic. The concept comes from kawaii, which is the quality of cuteness in Japanese culture. Ace noted that Spring was arriving which meant their busiest season was about to begin. The advertising campaign was to spread across 32 countries.

So I tried Amazon as an affiliate since there is no shipping or handling for the items and to see if I can make some ROI if I am ordering my own items from Alibaba for my own market Not targeting USA.

Hmmm I like this method of seeing competition directly. For example, ecommerce startup Barbell Apparel used Facebook ads to of 15,000 by 735,000! We re certainly not the only company proving you can get leads and sales from social media and track that success, but some marketing and PR folks still are not informed about what social media has been able to do in the last five years. Case Study 1 What Noah Kagan Learned Spending 2 Million on Facebook Ads This is the case study and key insights from who has so far. Huggies used an array of advertising medias for this competition, including Facebook ads targeted to a specific demographic.

We also discovered that increasing the budgets of individual campaigns even a very successful one often didn t lead to a corresponding increase in pre-orders sometimes it even decreased performance! For those of you new to, essentially it allows you to design t-shirts for free that you can then promote and sell. Joe- 3 years ago I ve found a pretty good designer so I guess I am halfway there- 3 years ago Hey Lewis Thanks for sharing this post!

It used the wedding between Prince Phillip and Catherine Middleton to promote the UK through Page Like and Page Post Sponsored Stories. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, a study released earlier this month found that face-to-face marketing the kind that occurs at industry conferences, sometimes over a few watered-down house brand drinks remains the key method chosen by B2B businesses to drive sales.

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