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Best facebook case studies - 7 Top 2015 B2B Case Studies in Social Media Marketing

Here s a chart to give you some campaign ideas for every step of your marketing funnel The B2B conversion funnel Behind every large B2B enterprise, there s a decision-maker that s a person like you and me and they need to be directed towards the purchase with small consecutive conversions. We re going to create ads tailored to the folks who were just on your website. The only thing we didn t test was the core media our video. Learn what an access token represents in the context of your platform. The company ran a two month campaign with about 100 varying advertisements linked directly to their website. You can also set-up another one of these to decrease bids if they get too high.

Apart from promoting his key products and, he showed how he earned 267 in profit from each Monthly1k course he sells. In 2010 the company decided to establish a presence in social media in order to develop relationships with current and potential Hyundai owners in New Zealand. We chose this website since it focuses only about footwear about kids and babies and very similar to the Attipas website and the fans base is ideal to test the water without loosing a lot money clicks impression Audience Located in the States Age 24-45 Gender female Interests Robeez Parents 1-2 years parents with toddlers Potential Reach 23.

It s an universally accessible strategy without limitation. Today, this ad appeared in my News Feed Why this works It s visual. Website visitors target people who have already shown some interest in your product Pricing page visitors get your Pricing page visitors back to your website by remarketing on Facebook Blog readers warm up these lukewarm leads with additional content offers Newsletter subscribers turn these warm leads into clients by retargeting them with a sales offer Free trial users help these users on board with helpful product guides and case studies Past purchasers there s an audience ripe for a cross-selling or upselling campaign Creating Facebook Custom Audiences is pretty easy Don t forget that in order to create Facebook Custom Audiences, you need to install the tracking Pixel on your website. Results The Victory Motorcycles page grew to 8,000 fans during the campaign Victory had 119 people sign up for a test ride on Facebook, the most conversions Victory had received on any site that year 100.

Eastpak EASTPAK manufactures durable backpacks, luggage, apparel, and other types of bags. As you can see, if you map out everything correctly and you choose your angle of attack, you can make some money with those long-tails keywords.

Buffer s put together the ultimate list of that make your copywriting almost irresistible.

Key takeaways Test using dark-coloured ad creatives Venngage s experiment showed that dark images outperform all others. Budweiser Budweiser is a huge brand-name beer in over 130 countries. When he s not writing or designing for Wishpond he s risking his life biking around the city. com EMEA Limited, village 9, floor 26 Salesforce Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London, UK, EC2N 4AY. Why should you use Fill in the blanks in your status updates anyway?

Segment s Facebook ad asks a question Key takeaway Ask questions that resonate with your target audience Research by has shown that article titles ending with a question mark have higher avg.

This means that an original article empowers both the existing customer relationships while also increasing brand awareness. 29 of respondents said that finding and sharing quality content was their top struggle and goal for 2017.

Time Warner Business Class has been critical in providing that high speed connection, that connectivity to ensure that all the devices that we deploy can be used across all schools, said Dr. Results In June 2011, Carnival because the first cruise company to reach 1 million fans Almost 1 3 of the fan base, over 370,000 people, has come directly from Facebook ads 70,000 people entered one of the sweepstakes Over 50 of Carnival Cruise Line fans visit the Facebook page daily In one day, the Carnival Magic videos were viewed more than 65,000 times 24. Also, NLSC has seen a sharp increase in the amount of group bookings and the size of those group bookings as people have commented, shared, and tagged their friends and family within the different adverts. The second most commonly cited marketing goal for Facebook marketers was engagement. Once you ve thought those first four steps through, it s time to do flesh out the details.

Everyone knows Starbucks for their addictive and wide selection of refreshing coffee tea and delectable treats. But if I use Google display network, the CPC can be less than 0. I m curious how you know whether someone that came from AdWords, Facebook, etc.

This is the level where you actually design your ads and decide elements like copy, images and CTA buttons.

It is the content they use, the engagement they drive and fit between their updates and their target audience. If the audience size is small, I can focus the entire country U.

, they can just click a single button to submit their Facebook profile information. com and hire a designer on a price per design basis Adnan- last year Sorry for answering a lame question but as far as idea is concerned, do you let designer to use his brain or you pick some initial concept?

Results The Sub-Zero and Wolf Facebook Page saw a 500 increase in connections The company s website saw an increase in traffic being driven from Facebook 88. Results The Levi s Facebook Page s fan count increased 35 One ad s offer of 40 off any piece on Levi s new clothing line provided a two-fold increase in the company s website s traffic within 15 minutes An ad s in-store discount offer brought 400 interactions to a Levi s store 52.

The social community has also provided sales teams with an opportunity to uncover new opportunities and is used to measure the impact of events and campaigns by analysing sentiment on social channels. all visitors in one audience that gets the same message. One media company that excelled in this format is none other than Mashable with live daily show, Mash on This.

- 3 years ago Hey Merinna, The best way is to spend a little upfront 10- 20 on Facebook Ads, to test your campaign.

Of course, they have the huge advantage of video footage directly from the challenges. If your company isn t listed, try a bigger competitor, industry magazines, or associations. For example, some of those metrics like Reach are vanity metrics that look nice on the surface but aren t really helpful.

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