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Best facebook case studies - 11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work And Why

To achieve this the team in Latin America analysed the social accounts it had running and decided to reduce the number to give a more focused message from within the company. Heap s Facebook ad mentions well-known brands Seeing the names of some well-known brands creates a feeling of recognition, making people associate your brand with a positive emotion. We chose a carousel ad as it allowed us to feature multiple products in one ad design. Anthony- a couple of years ago Hey Anthony, check out the previous comments I have linked directly to the sheet a couple of times.

Under interests, select a few likes that they share with you or your brand.

com With a six month deadline, WiseChoice set out to get atleast 50 upperclassmen or recent graduates from 1,3004-year colleges in the U.

The goal of our campaigns was to get people sign up for a free 14-day trial. 5 million people and generated clicks from 18,125 people. It s the brain-child of Noah Kagan who was Facebook s Category Tags In this episode of the Inside Social Media podcast, I welcome Whole Foods Market Director of Social Media Digital Marketing, Natanya Anderson.

Key Takeaways You re never limited to your own data when it comes to retargeting.

PepsiCo wanted to create a large branding event, get its advertisements closer to its consumers, create an engaging atmosphere, and drive audiences to its Cricket World Cup app.

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulk smashes it into his bodybuilding blog And now they can send you follow-up messages to get you to come back to eventually spend some money. In total, the broadcast was thirty minutes, but it was a huge success for BuzzFeed. The company made a promise saying that for every new connection on the page, they would donate a free book to First Book, a charity that gives books to needy children. Moreover, their 3-word link description won t steal the attention away from the rest of ad copy. They ran the campaign to bring fans into stores and get them to buy their products.

Many popular SaaS brands are advertising on Facebook. Results The number of people who liked the Love UK Facebook Page doubled in the week-long campaign In one day, 42,000 people liked the Facebook page through Sponsored Stories Feedback on Page Post increased by 29 102. We also discovered that increasing the budgets of individual campaigns even a very successful one often didn t lead to a corresponding increase in pre-orders sometimes it even decreased performance! See below how Blue Apron uses a discount to encourage additional sign ups. As with our, we want to keep it as simple as possible, to just get started. Posts with questions receive twice the number of comments than posts without, and those with links are shared on average twice as much as posts without. when you don t make someone click through to fill out a ton of form fields on their tiny screens. Intuitively, I ve spent the time since the last article to quickly try out the mobile market, and have quickly started earn commissions using Pay-per-call on Mobile platforms.

For example, HVAC companies can use Clicks to Website Ads to send traffic to their air conditioning tune-up page right before the cooling season and swap it over to a furnace tune-up page right before the heating season.

The broadcaster also used Sponsored Stories to reach friends of fans of MasterChef. Here are some stats With their regular ad spend being quite high, their retargeting added an additional 15 in revenue. They retargeted those people with photo and video ads for the weeks that followed.

I m Harsh Agrawal, a professional blogger from New Delhi, India.

They also decided to have a Facebook fan exclusive sale.

ADD COMMENT Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Status updates are an important aspect of any fan page because they provide two-way communication between company and fan, while keeping the page fresh with new content and information, which gives fans a reason to return. He could knock out 2-3 designs in that time so it was minimal investment.

After some research, we targeted moms who have babies for example 0-1 year old and like some twins magazines and a lot related stuff to that. As the video progresses, Martha consistently reminds viewers about where to get the various products and talks up the features each item offers. They used Easypromos Winning Moment tool for this campaign.

If that something awesome you show them happens to help with their work A few cool things to know about Facebook Live Video Facebook Live Video, as a content type, is rewarded within the newsfeed more than any other kind of content a Page can post.

com on how to clean up your social media profiles.

Results Over 6,000 Entries 44k Visitors 107k Page views Salman Aslam is the Founder CEO of Omnicore, a leading Healthcare Digital Advertising Marketing Agency helping clients across the globe.

Adnan- last year You did not discuss about designs, like how to find and hire etc.

Second, they worked with other media portals to retarget visitors who showed interest in competitor content. But interestingly, says you should always choose Learn more.

Results The Markafoni Facebook Page gained 100,000 fans in less than three weeks. Pringles The fan page for popular potato chip brand stands out mostly for its great use of video. In addition, now users who want to enter a contest can simply post on a page or comment on a post, or even just like it.

They keep the consumer on Facebook and let them convert without jumping through hoops on different platforms. Artlog Artlog is a social platform allowing people to connect with the international art scene.

Because we were blindly targeting people who had never heard of our product, asking them to sign up immediately. A new B2B financial industry business discovered their offering wasn t needed or wanted by the target audience. The ad copy also explains the core benefits of booking the demo See how you can empower and engage your customers. Their bright colors helped them to stand out among busy crowds. Facebook fans could click on the advent calendar in order to when prizes. Since you seem to know quite a lot about Fb Ads, I have confusion about Facebook spending. Facebook spying tool I decided to target men only as a starting point again I am only testing my ads here, I can target later women who are pro-athletes Ages 25- 34, 35- 44 To scale my campaign up with different audiences after finding the winner ad, I can target with these interests CARVE Surfing Magazine, Surfing World Magazine, Wavelength Magazine Athletes Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Taj burrow Step 3 Ad Copy Imagery For the ad copy, I use this formula to make it easier Problem Solution Benefits I use the same formula that our friend mentioned in his, but I tweaked it to fit my niche and market. Up-to-date and relevant training from our passionate researchers, analysts, consultants and practitioners.

Many B2B brands are seeing success on Facebook when promoting their blog articles, eBooks, case studies, and other types of original content.

Valentine s Day Case Study How I turned 55 into 124 to Validate a Marketing Point This case study was a test for me to validate a point before getting involved in an e-commerce niche. Mostly, they re sharing blog articles and other quality content offers with the Facebook audience. Ten days before Artlog hosted one of its events, it began to run Marketplace Ads to promote the event and direct people to Artlog s website in order to purchase tickets. The format is casual, occasionally the guests will have informative discussions with one another while a participant off screen constantly asks questions as they come in from the live chat feed. Example 12 Segment Ask a question s Facebook ad headline asks Tired of building third-party integrations?

Takeaway Reach people where they are sensitive and empower them.

Required fields are marked Comment Name Email Website Why not get more money from your Facebook ads with less work? They implemented Shared Stories that allowed friends of consumers see what they were buying.

Analyze Your Current Posting Schedule Before you begin, take some time to review your Facebook Insights.

Plan Your Week We ve all heard the saying, those that fail to plan, plan to fail. There are a lot angles that can be done here Option A Target single females who like to go to a date but they don t have a prom dresses because of Money or something else Option B Target married women Option C Target fans of big brands and display deals and coupons for them my favorite way.

Results Almost 300,000 people connected to Dear John s Facebook Page during the Reach Block day More than 1 million people connected to the Facebook page by the release of Dear John A media research firm found that the ads increased audience awareness by 16 The same study found that the ads increased people s purchase consideration by 2 84. Results 18,927 people participated in the competition 10,000 New Fans 29. Brian Carter is a 15-year digital marketing veteran and popular social media speaker with clients like NBC, Microsoft, Dramamine and PrideStaff who delivers practical takeaways, entertainment and motivation. You know, photobooks created from your best Instagram snaps and so on. With ads that explained the virtues of their check-in system, including free movie screenings and free pint glasses, it s no wonder they had success.

Dew Smith is the Managing Editor at, a SaaS company specializing in building white-label digital marketing solutions for local businesses.

Ad Improvements As you can see, there was still massive room for improvement where the ad was concerned. Presentation describing the accounts Performance Analytics, Competitive Analysis, Benchmark and Posts Analytics of the Twitter accounts from the top 5 soda brands. Takeaway Employee advocacy is brilliant for social media for three reasons Employees are better trusted than brands, social users are influenced by friends and family, and employees can expand your reach by as much as 100X or more.

I use both for some websites, and you are completely right, Adwords costs more set up and managed incorrectly.

This post was imported into WordPress in one click using I m confused. Below we ve taken the most successful posts from each of the 10 Facebook pages we looked at and explored the reasons behind their success.

4 million times The ads received 19,460 engagements with rates reaching as high as 0. This whole campaign was creative and, more importantly on a platform where it can feel like very little hasn t already been done, new. PepsiCo ran a 3 round ad campaign on Facebook with Premium Video Poll Ads, Premium Video Like Ads, and Premium Ads. Anne Fleshman, Director of Marketing Demand Generation at Autopilot, explains In our initial tests, using auto-play animation commands more attention while scrolling in the News feed compared to static images.

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