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Case study on bcg matrix - BCG Matrix of Nestle

Created by the, the BCG matrix also known as the Boston or growth-share matrix provides a framework for analyzing products according to growth and market share.

Please contact your library to gain login details or email to request teaching notes. Social, Cultural, Demographic and to these analyses, it creates different type of consumer needs for different products, different services, and

D errick s, there fore, bases its sales on a deseasonalize d forecast, related to increases in disposable rea l incomes, and hopes that stocks will be adequate to cope with sequences of extreme h igh temperatures.

This entry was posted in and tagged Sales are high, and there is less marketing support required because customers have a good understanding of the product and are often loyal. The audience getsprizes of 1 or 2 100 gram packs of Maggi noodles. These product lines have a clearly visible market or niche leading path and require large amounts of funding to ensure that they can fight of competitors and maintain their growth rate. The matrix needs to be applied with accelerated speed, while balancing the investments between exploration in new segments and exploitation of established segments. All these products or business units are considered as cash cows.

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Google s statement Given the rapid pace and unpredictable nature of change in today s marketplace, the question arises Has the matrix lost its value?

Today the Nestle Pure Life brand is present in 20 countries around the world, across all continents- Asia,Near East, South and North America and Europe. What these four categories demonstrate is that businesses with diverse portfolios such as Unilever s require a balance of Star, Cash Cow and Problem Child brands because markets are constantly developing, maturing and ultimately declining as demonstrated by the Product Lifecycle theory.

The case throws light on the intensely competitive Indian passenger car market and its unique challenges faced by Hyundai Motors India Limited HMIL.

Moving beyond the production of automobiles, the company s businesses have expanded into other domains such as motorcycles. less marketing and Apply the highest standards of advertising its product excellence in services. Businesses in this quadrant threw off cash into the corporate coffers. This was a, on said BCG Matrix Share A Visual Strategic Competitive Intelligence Tool, on said to our executives consisted of just 3 charts which told the story persuasively and understandably The BCG Matrix Share, The Telco Company Analysis Chart and lastly the Customer Weighting Chart. Starbucks new competitor is the McDonalds McCafe.

Cash cows Milk these products as much as possible without killing the cow! li ul MARKET GROWTH RATE ul li Market growth is used as a measure of a market s Whether you buy, sell or continue to hold a stock will depend on the level of undervaluation or overvaluation of the stock compared to its intrinsic value. Although these brands have already established in the marketplace, the company still needs to have an effective marketing approach to increase the sale of these brands or brands.

BCG Matrix When analyzing a company for investment, it is very instructive to look at the portfolio of products the company offers. Because they generate a negative cash flow, they will usually be disposed of. For Unilever, a prime example of this is Lipton, the world s best selling tea brand.

1 15 This example was created to show how to deal with a relative market share higher than 100 and with negative market growth.

First, companies indeed circulated through the matrix quadrants faster in the five-year period from 2008 through 2012 than in the five-year period from 1988 through 1992.

Which of these approaches would best fit the US Army in order to sustain a competitive advantage?

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This is especially important when your product orservice is similar to those around you.

Many companies are pricing W3,T3their products cheaper toimpress customers. Which unit will be chosen will have an impact on the whole analysis. In reality, a dog may be helping another unit gain a competitive advantage for example. They claim a large enough segment to focus on this life stage. From here we could jump off and discuss the specific reasons why we should acquire Northern Telecom and not Rolm, for example.

Some source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article. economy, by treating individual companies as analogues for individual business units in a conglomerate s portfolio. Companies are business in various countries without boundaries.

It is said that the industry of Carbonated Soft Drinks CSD is highly concentrated.

internet connections and the excellent products all over the places.

This shows that the company is generating a good profit from the

T his becomes especially im portant during the winter months when consumer demand is considera bly reduced. 2005 2004 2003 between between 2005 2004 and and In dollar 000, except per share amounts 2004 2003Net revenue Retail 5391927 4457378 3449624 21 29 Specialty 977373 836869 625898 17 34Total net revenue 6369300 100 5294247 100 4075522 100 20 30Operating expenses Store operating expenses 2165911 34 1790168 34 1379574 34 21 30Other operating 197024 3 171648 3 141346 4 15 21Depreciation expenses 340169 5 289182 6 244671 6 18 18General 357114 6 304293 6 244550 6 17 24 development Income from equity 76745 1 59071 1 36903 1 30 60venture Operating income 780615 12 606587 12 420850 10 29 44 Gain on sale of investment Net earnings 494467 8 388973 7 265355 7 27 47Net earning per share-diluted 0. Nestle spend a huge amount of work for maintain the sametaste and nutrition of the product.

It s normally called the BCG matrix and, although it was developed many years ago, it is still a very useful tool to analyse your product portfolio. 0 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS1 Purveyor means provider Strategic Management PMS 3393 7 3.

6x 2005 2004 Total assets turnover 6369300 5294247 3514065 3386541 1. However, dogs can turn out to be a cash trap since Gillette s money can be tied up there with no potential for the future increase.

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