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Literature review on internet use - Internet addiction and problematic Internet use A systematic review of clinical research

Besides the already acknowledged contribution of the online application of use, there is a need to further research other possible pull factors Douglas et al. Social uses of the Internet Students appear to be using the Internet for social communication with increasing frequency. Some are enthusiastic others see mastering the art of computing as a necessary chore if they are not to be excluded.

Winship and McNab 1999 found a growing range of services offering to post, fax, or email full text journal articles, course outlines, and sources by colleges and universities. This was a slow process as the transcriptions were long- each interview took one hour to an hour and a half- but continual scrolling through the interview scripts allowed with the data.

Share this article Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Share on Weibo Share on Google Plus Share on Reddit By continuing to use this website, you agree to our, and policy. Overall, there seems to be a significant lack of longitudinal research focusing on the differing Internet communication uses, and how these may impact on IU-PIU amongst adolescents and emergent adults.

Paradoxically, parental restriction of online gaming was not revealed to have a significant impact on PIU levels Choo et al. However, telephone was used in preference to e-mail for several reasons.

It s there basic for you C3, widower, aged 81, who started to use a computer only 2 3 years ago. Citing Internet Sources Your favourite citation style is likely to have been extended to include proper citation methods for Internet-based sources, and these should always be followed if in any doubt. Yes No If Yes, please could you give me your e-mail address Thank you very much for your help.

Parental influences on pathological symptoms of video-gaming among children and adolescents A prospective study. He will contribute in data collection, data analyses and will overlook the effective facilitation of the study in Australia. Development and validation of a screening instrument for bipolar spectrum disorder the Mood Disorder Questionnaire. She specifically refers to commercial web sites, which at first appear to be progressive and strive for greater equality in the parental role, but which at closer inspection simply reproduce traditional gender roles and values. Internet use among college students An exploratory study. Online social networks facilitate interpersonal contacts with peers and family worldwide and offer anonymity, permanent accessibility, narcissistic reinforcement and immediate interactivity.

She maintains an active theoretical and clinical involvement with Internet Addiction and Internet Gaming Disorder Similar were the outcomes of a Singaporean study, where poor impulse and emotional regulation were associated with higher PIU over a period of two years Gentile et al. Lerner Ed, Handbook of child psychology, sixth edition Volume 1 Theoretical models of human development pp.

2013 Raja M, Bentivoglio AR 2012 Ahlskog JE 2011 Beermann JM 2012 The Public Pension Crisis. Some C6, C7, C12 had begun to use computers years ago, for example when younger members of the family became interested others C5 and C8 had recognised the need to learn computing in order to keep up with their academic peers. To what extent do they use the internet to search for information about parenthood and children and how do they describe the benefits or limitations? Assessing problematic video gaming using the theory of planned behavior A longitudinal study of Dutch young people. If you have your own computer, how easy is it for you to get any help you need with extra teaching?

Entry into advanced age and involve interaction with Internet, different from that of the adult or young adult.

Additionally, patients with Internet addiction differed from patients with pathological gambling in that the former experienced higher mental and behavioural disengagement, which was found to be associated with interpersonal impairments. Future research should explore fathers Internet use as we know little about how fathers use the Internet for parenting, and whether their use is unique and different from mothers use of the Internet for parenting.

Moreover, there is a lack of longitudinal studies that focus on parents internet use over time and in different phases of their parenthood. Effects of combined on cognitive function and event-related potentials P300 and mismatch negativity in patients with internet addiction. A similar number 17 percent also reported that they had at some point tried online dating.

The treatment outcomes were measured through scores on a number of psychometric scales covering excessive Internet use, including the Internet Overuse Self-Rating Scale the Adolescent Pathological Internet Use Scale, the Internet Addiction Diagnostic Questionnaire, and the assessment of emotional, cognitive and behavioural symptoms.

We have previously mentioned that they look for information on health and child development, but more specifically, what topics are discussed and what kind of information is sought after? households with children was between 63 and 84 compared to 55 of households without children NTIA, 2011. According to Schick, instructors with vision, who write and speak about academic computing in history and those who use computers in the classroom, have a vital responsibility because every phase of the historian s labors, from researching to writing to teaching, will be transformed by computing far beyond that which is common today 17.

No reciprocally predictive relationship found between CIU and substance use Positive predictive relationship between baseline CIU and change in substance use among females, but not males Substance use reduced CIU among USA sample. Petry NM, Rehbein F, Gentile DA, Lemmens JS, Rumpf HJ, M?

Those who used e-mail had extended their range of weak ties.

About one quarter 28 percent of college students felt the Internet took time away from other social activities.

Approximately half of these articles focused primarily or entirely on mothers. In line with this, it is noted that adults who initially identified themselves as having online gaming PIU reported higher symptom severity 18 months later compared to regular gamers King, Delfabbro, et al. On specific uses of Internet, two-third of the respondents indicated that they used it for e-mail, to get research materials followed while course materials had 39.

The compiling of the adolescence time management disposition scale. He is currently a senior lecturer of Clinical Psychology and the leader of the Gaming Research Group in Federation University Australia.

Yes No 10 a If you answered No to question 10, where do you use a computer? Encouraged by friends and family, she started to use a computer approximately 6 months ago, to communicate with her daughter who works in the Far East.

It devotes an entire chapter to people over the age of 65 and considers how older people- including those who are housebound- can be supported to play a central role in their communities.

Previous literature reviews have examined how parents receive information and support on the Internet.

For those who had free access, however, the savings in using e-mail for example were appreciated. 0385 and or Pathological Online Game Use Choo, Sim, Liau, Gentile, Khoo, Choo, H.

Yet the educational horizon appears crowded at this juncture in history with all sorts of pundits predicting this and that about the demise of the physical institutions of higher learning in favor of virtual ones Noam 4. 2005, 8 Marchionini G Information seeking in electronic environments. It also suggests that, although not a cure-all, learning to use a computer may help to compensate for some of the problems and conditions which commonly accompany older age. The search strategy was to build two blocks that would include terms descriptors MeSH terms related to the internet and parenthood respectively and to combine the two blocks to capture the most relevant articles. According to one student I love how on Facebook it doesn t tell you when the last time you logged on was. There is particularly a lack of longitudinal studies that track the same, preferably large, number of users over time. However, others had tried to find suitable courses and failed and some voiced at the standard of teaching and at modern teaching methods which were unfamiliar to them. 2 As with any survey research, sampling error, the wording of individual questions, and practical obstacles with survey administration may introduce bias or error into the data.

Brain activities associated with gaming urge of online gaming addiction. SeniorNet Sweden has 5,000 members and it was hoped that the study would identify whether there are differences between the use made of computers by older people in Sweden, where the need for support is recognised and made widely available, and in Scotland, where support may depend on local projects and initiatives or on the involvement of friends and family members. Age Concern England has taken a lead in encouraging computer use by older people, for example, by providing a dedicated chat room.

notes, both of you really do not have much to communicate about since you re both in your own worlds. However, the information gathered was largely brief and factual and gave very little indication of the effect of computer use on social inclusion or social capital. However, parents use commercial sites at very high rates e. Problematic Internet use and problematic alcohol use from the cognitive behavioral model A longitudinal study among adolescents. Were you anxious about learning to use a computer? Horrigan 2000, Sturges 2002, and Weitzner 2007 mention the unreliability of information on the Internet.

Most people did not know others of their own age using computers and, as stated above, had been taught if at all by younger tutors.

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