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Advertising case studies examples - Cannes Cyber Lions The Winning Case StudiesDigital Buzz Blog

And all campaigns with clear KPIs and results for which they rightfully deserve their CCL honours no doubt. But it generates hundreds of likes, shares and comments all of which helps to build hype, expand the social reach of Qwertee and boost sales. Natruale Pearl Naturale Pearl launched several ads targeting women who enjoy natural cosmetics. In Sony s UX tests, Evelien learned that some site visitors were actually put off by the customizable laptop option.

Manchester United Manchester United is an English Premier League soccer club. Qantas Points Quest Case Study Video Category Aviation Case Study Example Qantas is Australia s largest domestic and international airline and is widely regarded as the world s leading long distance airline. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We can have a national presence, but still target our campaigns on a local level.

WSJ Custom Studios powers its 360 VR Videos for Morgan Stanley with OmniVirt. Erent media and to reduce the number of uncontrolled variables in the end results.

Hitachi Launches its Superheroes with 360 VR Videos Across the Google Display Network. Furthermore, just to give you an example of creating a Killer Facebook Ad, see this the ad buffer created for the Page Likes campaign. Wonderful O Leary at iCONIC Exchange Austin on December 6 from 6-9 p. com An eComm digital transformation driving global growth FenderAcademy. Hyundai New Zealand fans grew 4,000 from 150 fans to 6,000 in five weeks. They wanted to create opportunities for engagement from their fans. It s great to know that a lot of companies are leveraging Facebook to gain more business successes.

Here s some news Case studies aren t written for you. Latest digital marketing and ecommerce insight from multi- award-winning team of analysts and experts. Nokia wanted to reach a wide audience, 13 years and older, in order to enhance awareness and connections with the Ovi app. The campaign was a huge success and Disney ended up donating 2 million. Having looked through most of them one thought comes to mind. But in most of these situation, this brand came with a new business idea on the market and by finding a solution to a problem that no one thought about until then. Through a variety of integrated creative content, the campaign worked to reinforce awareness of the Dental Clinic s signature branding messages and key services.

These two competitions reached consumers in and out of the market for a new car. The retailer created the bonprix Facebook Page in 2009 and in 2010, they were looking to increase the traffic to their online site. Case studies can be immersive experiences that detail threats, struggles, conquests, and characters.

Results The campaign reached nearly 85 million impressions The campaign generated over 21,000 clicks The Bob Evans Facebook Page grew 12,000 likes during the week-long campaign and 5,000 during the 10 days after the campaign The campaign generated a return on investment of between 200 and 300 2,181 coupons were redeemed 17. Even in the midst of a recession, when advertising spend has been drying up, this website doubled its ad revenue. The company s Mini Birthday Donuts campaign received over 11 million impressions in 10 days 38. Consumers went to Wendy s everyday with calories and health on their minds.

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Issues The case will help the students Understand the various challenges faced by Cadbury Dairy Milk and how it was able to overcome them.

One of the ideas was a campaign called Why Do that challenged the stereotypes put on younger people. Don t rely on your sales rep for this information their goals are often misaligned with yours. If they tweaked this to pay lists off via digital, a CyberLion? You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics.

Chick-Fil-A uses OmniVirt to power Cardboard VR right from CowzVR. Page context and viewer profile were then assessed in real-time, serving an appropriate ad. Read The New York Times on best practices for winning with native advertising to learn more.

6 million impressions The video on the Premium Video ad was watched 64,000 times The user connections continued to grow after the campaign 99.

Markafoni Markafoni is a large, private shopping website in Turkey. Results More than 15,000 people liked the Vionnet Facebook Page in less than 2 months It was able to achieve a cost-per-fan of as little as 11 cents Facebook became the third highest driver to the Vionnet website The Facebook page has become an important engagement area between company and consumer 101.

CM Photographics No link Facebook occasionally features this case study in the US Facebook ad dashboard, a wedding photography business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, used Facebook ads to reach the users it cared most about women aged 24 to 30 living near Minneapolis who shared their relationship status on Facebook as engaged. Ford wanted to use digital media for reliable metrics but there were challenges. To make the jump attractive, online agencies need to get competitive. Paid advertising on Twitter can be done in three ways. To make online advertising a truly mainstream medium, the industry will need to revise its pricing mechanism to charge for e?

Most of the Facebook ad case studies below are summarized, list some of the campaign s results, and have a link provided for a few more details.

Samsung Case Study Video Category Telecom Case Study Example Samsung is one of the world s leading mobile phone maker. As part of the launch of its new Galaxy S6 smartphone in Argentina, Samsung used a series of Facebook video ads to bring in nearly 2,000 new customers. 100 average rentals 600 average life time value per customer.

Truth wanted to start a Facebook ad campaign to create more awareness about their campaign to teens.

For most B2B businesses having a Facebook Sales Funnel is crucial.

Given the low contact frequency, print was excluded from further optimization e?

Lessons Learned 35 Facebook Ads can be used for any objective even if its finding or increasing new subscribers for your blog. That s where our bespoke, in-company digital training comes in. Will surely be taking some inspiration for my adwords campaign! The results Web site traffic climbed 75, and sales leads have doubled.

Jim Beam Through targeting a key group of people on Facebook, Results Jim Bean was able to increase their likes over 200,000 in six weeks. Results More than 133,000 people became fans of the Squishable Facebook Page 29 of the company s website now comes from Facebook 15 of the company s sales come from its Facebook ecommerce site 81. In the past, Flex Frames took an enormous amount of time because each layout required handholding. To highlight the design process of creating a map of the island, the map is segmented into different stages. Its Web site, the Yellow Pages, and direct mail initiatives continued to bring in some new customers.

They then allowed samplers to share samples with two friends to produce a viral effect.

4 million fans 41 elected officials declared November 27, 2010 Small Business Saturday The event received about 3,000 mentions in the press 10. 04 08 2016 Iceland made smart use of Facebook ads to reposition the UK frozen food retailer in a cost effective way.

Starz Amazon Media Group helped Starz build series demand for its new drama Outlander. When do you prefer service designs over digital campaigns?

Brands Love Cinemagraphs Learn why cinemagraphs are a proven advertising format, with real life examples of top brands using the hybrid photo video medium with extraordinary results.

According to relevant surveys, more than will use ad blockers this year, which is 24 more than in the 2016.

Given the low contact frequency, print was excluded from further optimization e? The results Web site traffic climbed 75, and sales leads have doubled. Support Team of SEO specialist, Copywriter, Analyst Digital Designer, Web Developer Say Goodbye to SWOT.

FREE SWIPE FILE This was far less than the industry standard in health and wellness.

They then ran a third Reach Block and Poll Ads campaign to maintain momentum in ticket sells and fans.

Here are the most expected solutions in that regard Virtual reality has by far the biggest potential to boost native advertising.

Ect on purchase intent, MetrixLab established a breakpoint frequency beyond which there was little, if any, change in purchase intent. So the bottom line is to look closer at your business and see what you can do to solve a problem, even if it s not scalable for you, it might be the most important thing for your customer. Solution To target their customer base, CST scheduled leaderboard and skyscraper banner ads on the, and sites. And increased revenues by adding a separate purchase channel for busy consumers that would potentially never make it to Tesco s shops. Building a sustainable advertising model with Flex Frames Over the years, The New York Times has experimented with different advertising models to find a solution that prioritizes readers experiences while keeping an eye on its bottom line. Auto insurance provider Amazon Advertising Platform campaign outperforms client benchmarks by 3x with 5.

ran a series of sidebar ads with the goal of increasing likes to their Facebook page.

So there you have it an in-depth review of the best handpicked Facebook Ads Case studies from nearly all types of businesses with variable objectives. In the past, Flex Frames took an enormous amount of time because each layout required handholding.

For a small business like us it s remarkable to be on the same list with such companies as Sony, M Ms or Adidas. The campaign included Marketplace Ads in 32 key countries in 18 different languages. Ectives for Unilever s Axe brand, with a slightly younger, male target audience, yielded a bigger increase in purchase intent 6.

For a fraction of the cost of the actual advertising as low as 30 per month, Blue Corona can be overlaid onto your business and the impact it will have is hard to imagine until you ve experienced it. The Test Using Optimizely, Evelien built an A B C experiment to test two different variations of the banner against the original.

eTeacher Group eTeacher Group offers live, online lessons in Chinese, English, Hebrew, and Biblical Hebrew.

They were also tracking website conversions to know how many people referred from Facebook were converting on that landing page.

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