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Advertising case studies examples - The Ultimate List of Facebook Ads Case Studies 38 lessons you cant ignore- Connectio

Results The first week of the Facebook Ads campaign, Nextbook.

Case Study 3 Promoted Trends LG is an electronics global technology brand that is involved in home entertainment, mobile home appliances and air conditioning. By providing insights and tools such as case studies, best practices, how-to guides, analysis, industry news and research our mission is to make it easier for you to drive real results with native advertising.

So, the team partnered with Criteo to increase scale and efficiency. Our Case Studies As a professional social media marketing agency, we pride ourselves in giving you and your business the most accurate results possible. The original article was on creating Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars but she added the details of the lead magnet 6 Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipes. Unless you have a large budget to spend, test your campaign in small budget test runs until you find what s working or you might end up spending a lot of money with little results. The channel used Facebook Premium Poll an Like Ads, Reach Blocks, and Marketplace ads to reach their target demographic and New Zealanders for three weeks leading up to the channel s launch. The advertising campaign was to spread across 32 countries. Econsultancy regularly hosts exciting and informative events for all over the globe. The total campaign cost approximately under 200 with the average spending of 5 to 7 a day. She thought women in the 30-40 age group would take more interest in her program, but women above 45 were engaging most with her ad and content.

But let s not forget that all of these banner ads have one thing in common the design. Conversions resulted in positive ROI which is unique for ANA considering their product is not an impulse purchase for most people and Japan is not traditionally seen as a leisure destination. RED RED is a nonprofit organization that has teams up with large brand names like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks. You don t need direct advertising to praise the brand. The company wanted to update its advertising campaigns and reach its target audience, people ages 18 to 34 in relationships.

100 average rentals 600 average life time value per customer.

So there you have it an in-depth review of the best handpicked Facebook Ads Case studies from nearly all types of businesses with variable objectives. But they started paying close attention and realized what was going wrong. It turns out that ONLY 16 of the 54 calls were made by prospective customers leads and only 5 of those leads turned into sales. Watch the case study video, to find out how Kantar Media Division, Cymphony, with their thorough understanding of social media helped Samsung to build brand awareness.

8 The potentialfor the three media to overlap was high, a? Results Nike s ads received 135 million impressions The company saw a 32 increase in sales of Lunar Glides Fans between ages 15-21 and friends of fans had the highest engagement rates The Nike Running Netherland Facebook Page went from 2,000 fans to 6,000 fans during the campaign 63. Therefore, native ad strategists are trying to come up with new ideas on how to make their commercial messages more attractive. They tested two versions, A and B A old copy LIKE us for daily tips on how to improve your Facebook ad campaigns increase your ROI!

Case Study 9 How Veeroll Sold 122 Subscriptions with 2. Page context and viewer profile were then assessed in real-time, serving an appropriate ad.

And increased revenues by adding a separate purchase channel for busy consumers that would potentially never make it to Tesco s shops. Results In June 2011, Carnival because the first cruise company to reach 1 million fans Almost 1 3 of the fan base, over 370,000 people, has come directly from Facebook ads 70,000 people entered one of the sweepstakes Over 50 of Carnival Cruise Line fans visit the Facebook page daily In one day, the Carnival Magic videos were viewed more than 65,000 times 24.

It also wanted to create a place online where dog lovers could unite.

With just a one month campaign, Samsung s Galaxy S6 established a foothold in the minds and pockets of Argentine smartphone users. Zuji, a large Asia-Pacific online travel agency had almost 2 million visitors month on their website. Avid Case Study Video Category Business Case Study Example Avid Technology is an American technology and multimedia company based in Burlington, Massachusetts. It is fully compatible with what Airbnb is trying to give to its clients warm welcome wherever they go. Case Study 1 What Noah Kagan Learned Spending 2 Million on Facebook Ads This is the case study and key insights from who has so far.

The company wanted to better customer relations by speaking with customers one-on-one. Business Case Study Examples help you to get idea for Marketing. You know, photobooks created from your best Instagram snaps and so on.

The company also integrated Facebook onto their website supplying people with the option to like different pages.

So she optimized the ad targeting and the ad copy in line with the results they achieved earlier.

Rather than going for the hard sell, he created a Facebook funnel, where leads first opted in on content lead magnet around a product. Lesson Learned 34 With a well thought out plan funnel strategy, you can shatter any industry benchmarks no matter how competitive your niche is. All Nippon Airways No link Facebook occasionally features this case study in the US Facebook ad dashboard used a creative grouping of keywords to target advertising to users specifically interested in traveling and Japanese culture and developed ad creative that resonated with their audience. Placement Everybody is talking about banner blindness but if you look closer at what the users tell you with their eyes you will find new ways to display your banners in the place where the user will click on them. They analyzed their New York community and found out that many of the apartments had low quality pictures taken of them.

They spent a total of 250 on the entire campaign. O2- Tariff Refresh Nick Adams, O2 s head of digital excellence, at one of Econsultancy s recent conferences. Squishable put out Marketplace Ads that brought users to their Facebook page targeted at young adults in high school and college who liked Anime, Joss Whedon, and science fiction shows. Eastpak EASTPAK manufactures durable backpacks, luggage, apparel, and other types of bags.

Just ask, whose Chevrolet and Buick GMC showrooms are located slap bang in one the most competitive territories in America. This is why we always recommend our users to try a new approach with their banner ad campaigns. However, with Cannes Cyber Lions claim to be the world s only truly global meeting place for creative professionals in the communications industry I would expect also to see creative examples of digital service designs that augment the existing business offering. Panda Express For one week in September, Panda Express offered a free entree in exchange for liking Panda Express on Facebook. How can we help them engage with our brand and get the best deal they can have in that moment? The company ran a two month campaign with about 100 varying advertisements linked directly to their website. And all campaigns with clear KPIs and results for which they rightfully deserve their CCL honours no doubt.

The company also targeted women because they responded to the nurturing side of the game more.

Entertainment If you ever wondered how the scenery from your favorite show really looks like, don t miss The Mindy Project on Apartment Therapy.

Multiply the number of calls by your close rate and then by the gross annual revenue per customer and you get some convoluted number that exceeds what you pay them for the ads thereby justifying your investment in their books.

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