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Qualitative research case study approach - Case Study Method in Qualitative Research

, The Sage handbook of qualitative research 3rd ed. According to JICK 1979, q ualitative data and analysis function as the glue that cements the interpretation of multimethod results p.

Gesellschaft f r Angewandte GAIK e. It can also be a useful method when the unit of analysis, or the subject under consideration, is a collective entity such as an organization or a community. 2000 put it like this The core and central tool of any content analysis is its system of categories every unit of analysis must be coded, that is to say, allocated to one or more categories.

The main points of case study research are presented only as far as they seem to be relevant for the analysis of the research question see 2.

und narrative Interviews, Neue Praxis, 3 283-93.

Interaction, acculturation and the acquisition of communicative competence A case study of an adult.

When methods were described, they followed the principles of Yin researchers paid less attention to the equally important work of Stake.

Das Potential einer qualitativen Ethnic variations in UK asthma frequency, morbidity, and health-service use a systematic review and meta-analysis. This is certainly a great advantage when dealing with various, heterogeneous types of data material.

But even before that, different approaches to analysis and comparison of texts in hermeneutic contexts e. Keywords Type Case study Publisher MCB UP Ltd Copyright MCB UP Limited 2003 Published by MCB UP Ltd Existing Customer You may already have access to this article. Qualitative Evaluation and Research Methods 2nd ed. Only the third of these approaches can stand up as a method in its own right, and not as an ancillary to other quantitative approaches such as surveys or field experiments. As a matter of fact, many authors point to the heated discussions, sometimes even wars the so-called paradigm war, between the adherents of quantitative so-called QUANs and qualitative research so-called QUALs designs e.

RWJF- Qualitative Research Guidelines Project Case Study Case Study Case Study Emergence Unlike the other approaches we discuss, case study research does not emerge from a particular social scientific tradition. The case could also point to the need for scholars to apply feminist theories of work and family to the issue of water conservation.

New York Cambridge University Press, 2007 Merriam, Sharan B. N rnberg Verlag der N rnberger e. It can capture whatever is salient, the essence of what is in the section or it can be an evocative attribute.

In the design of a case study, it is important to plan and design how you are going to address the study and make sure that all collected data is relevant. Both the dimensions of existing categories can be modified and new categories can be designed. explanatory, choice of the basic approach vs. Grounded theory and its application in a recent study on organizational redesign. It may be a single patient, a practice, a health care system. The amount of description, analysis, or summary material is up to the investigator. Crisis Communication Perspectives of Stakeholders in the Housing Crisis. According to YIN 2003a a major strength of case study data collection is the opportunity to use many different sources of evidence because the use of multiple sources of evidence in case studies allows an investigator to address a broader range of historical, attitudinal, and behavioral issues YIN, 2003a, pp.

Failure to Extrapolate All Possible Implications Just as you don t want to from your case study findings, you also have to be thorough in the consideration of all possible outcomes or derived from your findings. Observation provides insight into the behavior patterns and social organizations that operate and constitute a particular bounded system or case. For this reason, case study research often involves the use of multiple methods for collecting data.

Besides, papers and essays in English are crucial to help qualitative content analysis gain attention and dissemination as well.

The stated ideas ingredient will increasingly cover the questions, propositions, units of analysis, logic connecting data to propositions, and criteria for interpreting the findings. La defensa es necesaria porque este tipo de investigaci n ha sido relegado a un papel secundario o, incluso, rechazado por muchos investigadores que lo consideran poco cient fico. 2 Aim, structure and scope of the paper This paper aims at exploring and discussing the possibilities of applying qualitative content analysis as a text interpretation method in case study research. An underlying assumption is that data collected in different ways should lead to similar conclusions, and approaching the same issue from different angles can help develop a holistic picture of the phenomenon Table. It is important that data sources from different cases are, where possible, broadly comparable for this purpose even though they may vary in nature and depth. But when is a code just a descriptive label, a category, a sub code, a dimension or a theoretical code? Situational Analysis Grounded Theory After the Postmodern Turn.

For this to be possible, it is important for the researcher to ensure transparency of the research procedures in order to allow replication by other researchers Eisenhardt Graebner, 2007.

In fact, triangulation by integrating different material evidence as well as quantitative and qualitative steps of analysis, helps researchers to be more confident of their results and can also lead to a synthesis or integration of theories cf.

The great strength of this book is that it provides a clear and overview of some of the diverse approaches that are currently available within the qualitative tradition- British Journal of Educational Psychology Although most undergraduates are able to collect qualitative data without too much difficulty, they are often less successful in turning this into an interesting, analysis. It occurs when somebody an academic or a practitioner attempts to apply the case study findings to a new situation.

, transfer of findings to another case are the responsibility of the receiver of information. My e-book, offers practical assistance to complete a dissertation with minimum or no stress.

In recent years, further variations of the grounded theory methodology have emerged.

Besides, due to the limited scope of this paper and my own research interests, the focus will mainly be on organizational and managerial research, even though both qualitative content analysis as well as case study research can be used in a much wider range of research fields see also Sections 3. It helps them to manage, sort through and organize their data corpus. A case study may be considered a research method, a methodological approach, a research design, a monographic approach, and so on. Apparently, Case Study Research and the Grounded Theory Approach are distinctive ways of doing research.

Even though they concede that this is not a particularly satisfactory approach, they claim that it is not infrequently used REMENYI et al.

According to GILLHAM 2000, the essence of content analysis is identifying substantive statements statements that really say something p.

The defense is necessary because this type of research has been relegated to a secondary role, or even rejected, by many researchers, who consider it unscientific.

It is this combination that fosters its strong ability to deal with complexity. In this example, a case study investigating the accident could lead to a better understanding of where to strategically locate additional signals at other railroad crossings in order to better warn drivers of an approaching train, particularly when visibility is hindered by heavy rain, fog, or at night. This in turn can help develop or refine theory, as shown in our study of the teaching of patient safety in undergraduate curricula Table

Festival Management and Event Tourism 4 1996 95-106. In fact, with its rule-based logic and controlled step-by-step procedures of analysis it manages to combine the advantages of classical quantitative content analysis with a qualitatively oriented approach taking also context and other important points into consideration.

The case study research design is also useful for testing whether scientific theories and models actually work in the real world.

The Creation of Theory A Recent Application of the Grounded Theory Method. In this paper, we examine in detail the objections to the use of such cases in management research. Should it be an inductive approach, a deductive approach, or a mixture of both?

Pinnock H, Huby G, Powell A, Kielmann T, Price D, Williams S, The process of planning, development and implementation of a General Practitioner with a Special Interest service in Primary Care Organisations in England and Wales a comparative prospective case study. Qualitative case studies are limited, too, by the sensitivity and integrity of the investigator. A defesa necess ria porque essa modalidade de pesquisa tem sido relegada a um papel secund rio, ou at rejeitada, por muitos pesquisadores, por consider-la n o cient fica.

Since then MAYRING s works seem to have become standard literature on qualitative content analysis and some regularly appear in new editions e. The reader must thus judge the adequacy of transferring each finding from the original case to a new case.

Ponemos en evidencia los esfuerzos realizados por algunos investigadores para responder a las objeciones y exponemos criterios de calidad de la investigaci n que son una alternativa a los criterios usados en el llamado m todo cient fico. The illustrative grand round, case report and case series have a long tradition in clinical practice and research. We prefer to adopt a different view of the dispute. This is because your cases are not sampling units and should not be chosen for this reason.

For psychologists, and social scientists they have been regarded as a method of research for many years.

These and their restatements are displayed in Table 3.

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