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Master degree thesis requirements - Format of the thesis, Research Master Programme, Graduate Research School, University of Otago, New Zealand

It typically requires a large amount of research and work on the part of the student. The definition of comprehensive varies by academic program, but here means an examination whose thoroughness in all ways conforms to the best accepted practices within the discipline. Master s students for whom a thesis is not required must obtain a signed and submit this form to their departmental graduate administrator by the date listed or to the GSAS Registrar.

If you wish to renew the embargo or have the embargo lifted prior to the expiration date, you must. You can t register for Master s Thesis Part Two until the Master s Thesis Part One course is paid in full, and failure to register for Master s Thesis Two will result in an automatic Thesis Not Complete TNC grade for part one. Headings, keys, and all other identifying information should be of the same quality of type as the text.

Human Subjects If your thesis, regardless of field English literature or psychology, will involve the use of human subjects e. Graduation ceremonies are held in May and December., numbering consecutively throughout the rest of the text, including illustrative materials, bibliography, and appendices. Again, in some cases, you may need much more time than this to satisfy your committee.

This is particularly pertinent to scientific research that can be dependent upon laboratory space, project funding, and access to private databases.

If you fail to take feedback, follow directions, or produce an acceptable proposal, you will not pass the course, and you ll have just one more attempt to complete the course or tutorial before being required to withdraw from the program. Exit Survey All advanced degree recipients are given the opportunity to complete an exit survey that gathers information about the graduate school experience.

Remember to place page numbers in the upper left-hand corner for the back side of the page.

The title page and abstract must always be in English.

Typed copies of the thesis must be provided to members of the examining committee.

E-mail copies of chapters are usually unacceptable, although check with individual faculty members.

Photocopying must conform to the margins noted above.

Some Websites that provide information about copyright Dedication Optional May be combined with

You must use a computer with internet access using either a broadband or dial-up connection Windows, Macintosh or UNIX Linus operating systems Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8. If the title listed in LIBRA does not match the final title of the thesis, the student must stop the upload process and inform his or her departmental graduate administrator of the correct title. Your first step is to consult with your department if an emergency arises. If you need to request that your manuscript be withheld, please consult with the chair of your committee, and have him or her submit a letter requesting this well before you file for your degree.

Some Basic Tips for Preparing to Submit IMPORTANT FIRST STEP You must have committee approval the title page signed off by your committee before submitting your thesis or dissertation If you are receiving a joint degree, it must be listed on your title page Organizing your Manuscript The proper organization and page order for your manuscript is as follows Title Page Copyright page or a blank page Optional preliminary pages such as Abstract Dedication page Table of contents List of figures, list of tables, list of symbols Preface or introduction Curriculum Vitae Main text References or Bibliography Appendices Procedure for Filing your Thesis After you have written your thesis, formatted it correctly, assembled the pages into the correct organization, and obtained your signatures, you are ready to file it with UC Berkeley s Graduate Division.

Data sets can also be submitted to and linked to your thesis. Called the B exam for PhDs or M exam for Master s students., degree certification are performed by the student s school college graduate office, not by the Graduate School.

A5 In order to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must 1 Successfully file your thesis 2 Have a Final Report on file. In addition Students, supervisors, and any other collaborators must have written intellectual property agreements regarding thesis research. Certificate of Completion If you require evidence that you have completed your degree requirements prior to the degree being posted to your transcript, request a.

The exception to this is the title page, which is counted but not numbered.

The request must be sent to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School at least two weeks before the defense date.

ProQuest UMI offers a number of tools to assist you in finding dissertations, including those written by UT Austin graduates. Filing your master s thesis at the Graduate Division is one of the final steps leading to the award of your graduate degree. Consult a scholarly text to see how your thesis or dissertation should be structured.

This license does not constrain your rights to publish your work subsequently.

The first sentence should be centered, Master s Thesis Committee should be left-aligned, and all other content should be right-aligned.

Final clearance of academic requirements will be made when current term grades have been submitted and evaluated by the Graduate College. Submitting the Soft Bound Thesis The thesis you submit will be the thesis submitted for examination. You can register for any of the sessions at least 3.

All deficiencies must be satisfied before the Plan of Study is approved. pdf To convert your thesis to PDF A, you may need to use Adobe Acrobat not the freely available Acrobat Reader. Students should earn a grade of at least D on coursework for it to be considered completed. Thesis and Dissertation- Graduate School University of Florida Thesis and Dissertation The UF Graduate School Editorial Office is here to help with thesis, dissertation, and curriculum issues. No further steps are required for the degree application. To correct this, petition to change your name with the Registrar s Office before the last day of the semester.

Identification of lines and figures on graphs and charts must be made clear by the use of line symbols rather than variation in color. Margins Remember that some copiers enlarge the original about one to two percent. The signature should be in either black or blue ink. Once final required grade earned and all edits completeyou upload your thesis one last time to ETDs. Do not expect that you can turn in your thesis chapters and have your committee read them overnight. If you need to make corrections, you ll receive an email from the Graduate School detailing what needs to be done. Every graduate student is required to enroll in the Colloquium, MSE 595a, during Fall and Spring semesters.

presentation, the student must send an email to with the following presentation details Exact title Date, time and room number of the presentation Names please indicate chair and email addresses of the committee.

McGill University requires that all theses conform to the McGill University specifications for Master s and Doctoral theses. For example, footnotes can appear either on the page where the annotation occurs, the end of each chapter, or the end of the thesis. In most cases, coursework at the 3000 level may not be used for a master s degree.

When beginning to write your thesis or dissertation, keep in mind that you are writing an academic paper. Essential supporting material is defined as mixed media content that cannot be integrated into the core thesis, i. One individual faculty member may serve in both roles if approved by the academic program.

GSAS Enrolled Students PO Box 400773 VA 22904-4773 434-924-6741 Central Graduate Admissions PO Box 401102 VA 22904 434-243-0209 Copyright 2017 by the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia. Some copyright holders require a specific form of

Interruption of Study If graduate study is interrupted by active military service, or service in the Peace Corps, VISTA, or the equivalent, as much as two years of that time will not count toward the time limit for the degree. The focus must be on the quality of the product, not the graduation date. Essential supporting material must be submitted in the most stable and least risky format consistent with its representation see below, so as to allow the widest accessibility and greatest chance of preservation into the future. People Who Read This Article Also Read See All Articles Quick Search Find the College that s Right for You! The thesis title listed in SIS, LIBRA and the student s transcript should be identical. Your major professor s and committee members review the content and format of your final thesis when you complete your final oral exam. Resume Curriculum Vitae Required Include a resume curriculum vitae at the END of the thesis, after the main content. Photocopied journal articles in the thesis When appropriate, photocopied articles already published in journals may be included in a thesis. In addition, the Candidate must ensure that the remote participant has access to the thesis or dissertation and the presentation. For help with these issues, consult Plagiarism Plagiarism is using words, ideas, diagrams, and other content from publicly available work without appropriately acknowledging the sources of these materials. Every thesis and dissertation must be reviewed by the Office of Theses and Dissertations for format only and are not edited for spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

Students should be aware that while on leave no progress towards their graduate degree should be made. A separate abstract is submitted to ProQuest Information and Learning PQIL during the electronic submission process and must be formatted following the guidelines on the. table of contents, dedication page, abstract, etc. The Signature Page As part of the overall completion process, the student must separately submit one signature page, which should be on archival quality paper. Expectation for the level of original scholarship at the Master s level varies with the discipline. The preliminary pages must appear in the following order Title page do not number Signature page ii Vita iii Preface and iv Table of contents v List of tables vi List of illustrations vii Should any element of the preliminary pages be longer than one page, number the pages consecutively.

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