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Online sites that pay for writing - NO to The Huffington Post, YES to These Sites That Pay Writers Just Alyssa

Apply Pitch Submit Page Pay 200 Author Page Byline Yes Links allowed in Author Page Byline No Tutorial Board Love writing manuals and tutorials? They ve withheld pay from their writers and refused to pay others all that they are owed. Hi David, I was leaning towards health and fitness.

Although known as SocialSpark, you could create review content for advertisers to review.

Thousands of online english tutor jobs, private tutor jobs, spanish tutor jobs and more. For example, Tom Ewer of, has a small content agency called.

It was founded a while back with the idea of supporting the case for adult education when federal budget cuts made it seem funding would disappear forever. Whether it s market research surveys or focus groups or donating your plasma, there are a lot of places that will pay.

Now, can men, even incredibly heterosexual ones such as me lol, utilize and take advantage of these services as a means to market their writerly talents?

As Alaska s exclusive, all-in-one parenting resource, our readers include parents with children ages newborn through teens, as well as expectant moms.

But I must say, if you are passionate about writing on a specific topic, we can go for any of these sites to make some instant cash. It only shares data if you give it specific permission.

They are often searching for articles on how to build better user experience. Why one earth I would like to post awesome content on some other site when I can earn a lot by promoting your site.

Read These editors are looking for investigative journalism on places around the world.

This will definitely take some time to research properly, thanks for such an informative article. I ve been blogging for 7 months now and while making money isn t my primary focus yet I was wondering if you could guide me on how to carve a niche for myself writing football articles and also on how to make money writing sport articles. Let me know of anything I can do for you including spreading the word about you! reports in 25 languages and 34 countries, and its freelance writers and journalists in the US currently earn up to 12 for each 1000 readers.

Not so much after a while though if you have a good marketing strategy! Niche Science Amount per post up to 350 Payment Method Unspecified Payment info confirmed on website Yes You can get paid up to 350 per article to contribute your articles to Greater Good.

You can submit articles relevant to the WordPress.

3 I m just now starting to explore the possibility of working as a writer and came across this article. Some MoneySavers have suggested that article approvals can be patchy and it s often slow to accept new writers- a couple of things to watch out for. Freelance does take a small cut but for finding additional jobs which you may not have before I think it s worth it. In the articles above all those should be filtered out like for ecopywriters work is only for US citizen,for some UK.

The key is to make sure you read the guidelines in their entirety. As I have already mentioned, my idea was to highlight some websites so that it can act as a starting point to wanna-be writers. Free teaching resources lesson plans teachers pay teachers. Now this new list of yours makes me suspect now, that you re also psychic, Oni My reason for saying the above is that your new list features websites in niches e.

If you think you ve got a great idea, here are the Pay starts at 25. Always helpful to explore new ways of monetising our work to sustain our travels Because I m a bit OCD and need everything in excel these days, I ve collated this into an excel document.

They look for lively writing that explains things from a 10-year-old boy s point of view. It can be a long, frustrating climb, but do have patience and try not to get frustrated when you keep hearing that you need experience to get the job.

Apply Pitch Submit Page Pay not published, but they do pay Author Page Byline Yes Links allowed in Author Page Byline yes, but they re not hyperlinked Upworthy Upworthy was co-founded by a managing editor of The Onion. Your story could reach over 1 million subscribers.

I m also in the works of creating a content agency.

Helping Women Find Remote Careers Businesses That Feed Their Souls You are here 99 Paid Writing Gigs and Opportunities 99 Paid Writing Gigs and Opportunities September 26, 2017 This post may contain paid and or affiliate links. The Layout is an online design publication by Flywheel.

Metropolis Magazine only pays via bank transfer to Japanese banks. Contact for rates 50 40 100 100 300 25 100 45 70 35 50 75 160 0.

I recently started a blog that I m going to use as a portfolio for my pieces and hopefully will submit them somewhere for pay and future writing gigs.

thanks for the information because i really need them badly. Book marketing tools hindi essay writing sites is not, strictly speaking, a promotion site. How to start a blog in 2017- easy to follow guide for. I m talking about sites like HubPages, Bubblews etc. In response to Roy Maybe it s peeled, but what if he or she is actually writing to someone with very noisy eyes? With ones, you re never quite sure what you re going to get or whether the employer is even legitimate or not!

I ve also considered paying for guest posts but had to put an halt on it since forming a team here I ll definitely be considering it again in the future, when I have time to moderate posts coming as a result of being featured on lists like this. You can earn up to 25 per hour for basic writing projects. This site will pay each month through PayPal or by direct deposit depending on your preferences. Hi Hussain, use the list in this post to find a good article writing site.

That would allow you to up your rates I tired eDisk for 2 months, it is much better then freelancer. These include programs for tax preparation, online security, cloud computing and general office functions among many others. This website allows you to create an online portfolio for your writing.

Any suggestions as to where who might be interested in this sort of review?

As the name suggests, Listverse is even more strictly list-based than the previous entry focusing solely on publishing Top 10 lists of everything under the sun. Apply Pitch Submit Page Pay 55 for original pieces 27. However, I can t seem to get the anxious and berating little woman in my head to shut up and stop distracting me! I am very interested in writing for some extra cash. We need more of this, so you need to read it, support it and amplify it.

You should also write down what you need to do, just so you can reference your notes later. You will want to have an idea of the tone of the site. Hi Connie, Freelance writing is very competitive so unless you re skilled it s somewhat difficult to get a steady income.

Otherwise, you can create and earn from your own content as well, with payments ranging from 2 to 15. Resume writing website for sale The best writers are ready to do their best and provide you with orig Awai- american writers and artists inc Would you like to get paid to write book reviews Get paid best academic writing sites for beginners to review books filed under com lists several sites that pay for means to make some money by writing Fitness articles on article submission homework writing sites sites.

Well, accepts articles on this very topic and they pay 75 per page.

They re looking for tightly focused pieces that celebrate working moms.

I am interested in writing about women s life experiences.

Even if not selected, each time you take part in a survey it pays Clicks points 1-200 per survey. Niche Travel Amount 50 200 Payment Method Unspecified They are looking for articles about the business of getting paid to travel, whether this is through writing, photography, tours or other means. I ve been blogging for 7 months now and while making money isn t my primary focus yet I was wondering if you could guide me on how to carve a niche for myself writing football articles and also on how to make money writing sport articles. If you want to access the web on your mobile, there are two choices.

You can expect to earn about 750- 1000 for an in-depth feature story. They are a blog like flash fiction site that picks stories posted on their website to go into their flash fiction books. For your questions, it s possible to do freelance writing as a side hustle until you re ready to do it full-time. Newer bloggers might find some good starter sites here. You can find more info on the articles accepted as well as how to pitch your articles. They prefer a rough draft of your post if you have it already. Sounds great, yet the best cashback sites usually beat it.

I decided to make the list available to anyone who is serious about building their brand through guest posting. Chicken Soup for the Soul, which is also responsible for the best-selling books with that same name, will pay you 200 for an inspirational, true story or poem about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences, or 100 for a devotional.

At over 1,000 views in just 12 hours this post is breaking a new record here. It s all about comping, a potentially profitable online hobby for the lucky.

Sign into your Qmee account to see how much cash you ve stashed. So if your original piece was bought from you for 300 and they decide to reprint it, you get paid 25 of 300 which is 75. Best Regards Valerie hi, very good collection indeed, for sure it will let blogger to equip them with one more weapon of making money.

Writing for a living is something I ve always wanted to do, but finding legitimate resources is a difficult tasks. No link for this one, because I don t know where you live. These assignments will be based on subjects which you are interested in or have knowledge of. September 17, 2015 8 07 pm Reblogged this on and commented I didn t know this but now that I do, I m done reading Huff, and you should be too. The site offers hundreds of different positions in many micro-niches, such as Playing Tennis.

So we are supposed to write reviews about software s that are available on this website. Cake decorators who would like to write about their techniques are being recruited by this site to write about their area of expertise for pay.

How to get started If your article submission is accepted or you have been assigned a story, you should submit an invoice within an email is fine that includes name, address, phone number, Social Security Number, name of story and payment amount. As an online magazine based in the UK it covers the popular zeitgeist.

accept and pay for guest posts for their blogs, but sometimes it takes a little digging to find their guidelines and payment structure.

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