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Thesis on environmental impact assessment - Statistical tools in environmental impact assessment- Enlighten Theses

Unsurprisingly the hypothesis of independence of the level of formal education and opinion on how the introduction of EIA has improved environmental protection in Nigeria s oil and gas industry is rejected.

Similarly, noise levels during normal operation will be low. The final set of limitations with the lowest potential to impact upon research or subsequent analysis was related to the Chinese statistical surveys.

At the beginning of the study period in the year 2000 Wuhan had a population of 7.

1b-13 in this category believed that there is no variation while none of them believe that there is significant variation in the quality of Environmental Statements in Nigeria.

In 1971, a new body, called Nigerian National Oil Corporation NNOC was created to engage in commercial activities in the petroleum industry with the Department continuing to perform the statutory supervision and control duties in the oil industry.

Nigerian petroleum industry suggestion for a sustainable livelihood approach, The Nigerian Economic and Financial Review 6 1, pp. It traced why inadequate legislative provisions and lack of legal enforcement may thus lead to social tension in the region where oil is produced, with resulting attacks against the oil companies.

2012 Housing the Urban Poor in Post-Reform China Some Empirical Evidence From the City of Nanjing, Cities, No. Thirdly, Environmental Impact Assessment, unlike other environmental laws, is proactive in nature. For example, the Federal Government in conjunction with other Government Agencies and other Agencies should work with the newly launched Nigeria Sat-1 Agency. 9 Valid very poor adequate Good very good Total 82 155 159 47 560 14.

1 Study Area Wuhan provincial capital lies to the east of Hubei province, it is the largest and most densely populated city in central China Mialong, 1998 Han Wu, 2004. In addition, there is poor to low correlation between the years of experience of respondent and opinion on how satisfactorily questions 12A-N have been undertaken. 12 Background to pollution control measures in Nigeria From the onset of British Rule in the 1900s, Nigeria s environmental protection effort had been through the colonial bye-laws. 0 B-51 Appendix B Table 62 In your perception, how would you rate the link between stated predictions and baseline parameters within environmental statements with associated ecological change monitoring efforts post project consent Frequency Valid Percent Valid Percent Very poor Poor Good 47 95 187 8. Oil Government NGOs and Total of companies organizations communities respondents N 150 N 170 N 130 N 560 Academics N 110 n n n n n No improvement 12 10. 9 of the respondents strongly agree that the introduction of EIA has improved environmental protection, while 44. Since the 1990 s China has been singled out by the United Nations as one of the biggest contributors to world urbanisation. Land classification maps from this thesis will be used to locate patterns of substantial urban growth renewal or increased bare earth coverage the co-ordinates from these sites will be entered into Google Earth to pinpoint their location. 6 of all FDI was invested in real estate meaning that a high amount of FDI may be directly influencing UT around Wuhan Huang Wei, 2014. The first ten years of the UK EIA system strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Never Please mark with a A B Rarely Sometimes Usually Always Don t Know Emission and discharges Actual ecological change s 1 Acute impacts 2 Chronic impacts Q18a.

Master s Thesis, 72 Pages Copyright GRIN Verlag Open Publishing GmbH. Assess the role of government in the current practice of EIA processes and application, and review the legislative framework of EIA in Nigeria.

The results are not unexpected as the higher educated people will have had significantly more experience in systematic thinking and working, and critical assessment of results and literature.

Lee-Wrights 1997 emphasized the use of qualified staff as another component of a good EIA system. The range of years had to be between 2000 and 2015 to provide an up to data investigation of Wuhan. Unformatted text preview THE ROLE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT IN NIGERIA S OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY Mohammed Nuruddeen Isah A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Cardiff University September 2012 School of Earth and Ocean Sciences Cardiff University Park Place Cardiff CF10 3AT United Kingdom DECLARATION AND STATEMENTS DECLARATION This work has not previously been accepted in substance for any degree and is not concurrently submitted in candidature for any degree. Landsat ETM OLI images were collected from the United States Geological survey USGS in the summer season July 2001 ETM, August 2007 ETM SCL-off, and August 2013 OLI UGSG, 2015. Do you feel that given your organizations departments current capacity and knowledge skills set that members of staff are able to fully engage in EIA process? Literature The list is a collection of some standard literature which can be helpful for you as you get prepared for the classes in the first semester, in particular if you have no or few pre-knowledge and experience in these fields. As a result of this conference, an Urban Development and Environment Division was created in the Federal Ministry of Economic Development in 1975. This decree is particularly directed at regulating the Mohammed Nuruddeen Isah 25 Chapter One Introduction process with regard to the environment. Still 2008 Lagos State Government and South Energyx launched the plan to build a 21st- century city on reclaimed land from the Atlantic Ocean.

1a-12C between Question 1a and Question 12 C Number of years associated and dealing with EIA Process 2 years 2 3 years 3 4 years 4 5 years 5 years Total Consultation poor 30 44. Research by 1988, Dan-Habu 1996, and Isichei 2000 showed that the initial focus of environmental awareness and legislation in Nigeria was on the petroleum industry. Results like these Candidate number 106443 6 generally share the same conclusion across the spectrum of RS urban studies.

1, with both statutory consultee and developers scoring 17. The most conspicuous difference relates to the fact that the first EIAs to be carried out in developing countries were usually demanded by development assistance agencies on a basis, not as a response to a widespread indigenous demand for better environmental protection. This is seen as the final shift in the urbanisation of the world alongside India and Africa. 0 Mohammed Nuruddeen Isah B-9 Appendix B Table 14 Evaluation of the biological functioning of the marine environment Onshore Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid never 43 7.

The oil storage tanks on the FPSO shall be equipped with an HC blanketing system linked to a Vent Gas recovery system which routes vent gas from the cargo tanks to the gas processing system.

Environmental impact assessment in south and central America. A study by Nerry and Akpofure 2000 examines the statutory regulatory framework for the EIA process, duplications of function by various agencies, and overlapping Provides a framework for safe petroleum operations, including environmental protection. SIEP 1996, Mohammed Nuruddeen Isah 190 References Social Impact Assessment Guidelines, HSE Manual, Shell International Exploration and Production B.

An impact from deck drainage, sewage and sanitary discharges is expected to be negligible given the low levels of discharge.

Questionnaire Dear Sir Madam I am a research student engaged in PhD study under the direction and supervision of Dr Tim Jones at the Cardiff School of Earth and Ocean Sciences in the UK.

1b-12I between Question 1b and Question 12I. a 0-20 b 20 40 c 40 60 Mohammed Nuruddeen Isah d 60 e None A-7 Appendix A2 Section 2 EIA Process Q3. As a result agricultural lands have yet again become the victim of UT in the bid to develop Wuhan fig. This would expand the cities size from 910km2 in 2013 to 1,369 km2 in the near future. Examples of these assessments can be seen in Table 3-15.

Introduction to Environmental Impact nd Assessment. Mohammed Nuruddeen Isah 16 Chapter One Introduction 1. Not only has fixed asset investment increased amongst other drivers, the efficiency of its use in preserving the amount natural land used has decreased significantly. Some dolphins, turtles and whales, which are considered as endangered species, are known to pass through the project area. For example 2 years scored 0 for very good, going up to 19. The cases are the basic units of analysis such as one person replying a questionnaire survey., and can this be determined by comparisons between the respondent s number of years of experience against their views on the success or failure of various outcomes? Figure 1 Map of Wuhan s three main territorial divisions and development zones Huang Wei, 2014 Candidate number 106443 10 Due to the cities strategic location Wuhan has enjoyed a glorious past and has now become the largest rail and road transportation hub in China presenting it with a favourable future under the Rise of Central China plan Han Wu, 2004 1 Xiong Liu, 2013.

6 Regulatory framework and environmental interactions. 5 of the above Masters category felt they are poorly evaluated Table 5. The Federal Government of Nigeria recently January, 2009 created a Ministry for Niger-Delta in January, 2009 with sole aim of addressing the issue of environmental concerns in the region. The authorities attributed the incident to the activities of saboteurs and vandals FEPA 1998. 1b-12H between Question 1b and Question 12 H Assessment of the magnitude of environmental changes considering nature, locations, and duration of change Highest level of Formal Education poor Junior High School Senior High School First Degree Masters Degree Above Masters Total 2 5. The third phase began as a response to the economic crisis of the late 1980s and the introduction of the structural adjustment programme SAP in 1986. The Act made provision for all stakeholders, including Agencies, public, experts, NGOs, communities, etc, Mohammed Nuruddeen Isah 54 Chapter Three Regulatory framework and EIA process in Nigeria to be notified, consulted and or given the opportunity to make comments on the EIA of a project prior to approval or disapproval.

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