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Report book comments for english - Writing Effective Report Card Comments on Behavior Teacher Created Tips

He she is an amazing learner and a fantastic listener. 10 N sometimes distracts other students from their work. Is beginning to read words in groups phrases 125.

Damian does not appear to understand his academic strengths and needs at this time, and would benefit from discussing next step approaches for improvement at home. He She still needs strengthening in the concept of long division.

The other teachers are starting to comment on his behavior.

asks questions or seeks clarification when needed. Please call to schedule a conference so we can discuss this. Located under the political system of students received credit in the world bank. 8 N is now more confident about h ability in English and enjoys reading a wider range of books.

Click on the Picture Below to go to our store SAMPLE REPORT CARD COMMENT 1- Responsibility E- Organization E- Independent Work E- Collaboration E- Initiative E- E Alex has had a great academic year so far. E can check maximum 2 English books out from the library. Gustavo has developed a fair-sized vocabulary for this level and he has learnt many new words during lessons. 99 Page 1 of 1 Page 1 of 1 This shopping feature will continue to load items. Try a wide selection of Scholastic s Printables for free each month. One thought on Writing Effective Report Card Comments on Behavior These are awesome ideas, than you! He she has become a lot more frustrated when he she doesn t grasp a concept. 19 E particularly enjoys working on the LCRoles role.

Following the process of the report card document student. For some reason, in Science Lab, he she does not work well when working on group projects. We are also happy to produce bespoke report writing solutions for individual schools, organisations, and teachers. Needs to develop a better sense of responsiblity. Public shows of affection are not permitted in school.

He she is very rough when he she is playing on the playground.

now knows and is able to use consonant and vowel sounds- confuses the sounds and 1022. He She is now starting to understand the Scientific Method. A little more study of pronunciation would also be worthwhile Tom does not yet have sufficient command of grammar and he has not absorbed new material effectively.

8 E always fulfills h commitment to h group work and participated when presenting h Literature Circles role sheets.

is capable of achieving a higher average in the areas of. Speaks in good sentences Speaks clearly Has difficulty using pronouns, verbs correctly Enjoys dramatization Enjoys participation in conversation and discussion Expresses ideas clearly Has a good oral vocabulary Takes turns talking Speaks with confidence to the group Uses punctuation correctly Is able to place periods and question marks correctly Uses colorful words Uses complex, simple sentences Is now able to write a complete sentence independently Participates in group story telling composition Can write an original story of one or two sentences, of a few sentences Puts words in the appropriate order Is able to read his sentences back Shows self confidence in writing Can compose several related sentences Is building a good spelling vocabulary Uses his individual dictionary to find unfamiliar words Enjoys learning to spell new words Is able to learn to spell words easily Sometimes reverses letters in a word Has difficulty remembering the spelling of non-phonetic words Is helped by using hand or body motions to remember spelling When printing, often reverses letters, such as etc.

Needs to actively participate in classroom discussion 956. He she doesn t try very hard when it comes to his her assignments. As we discussed in our last conference, s attitude toward the basic skills is poor.

uses taught reading strategies well to gain meaning, especially. He could improve if he decided to work harder and cooperate more. Would improve if he developed a greater interest in. She has been most cooperative and only needs strengthening in social studies skills to bring her up to grade level. has matured nicely this year, academically and socially. 17 E is a confident member of the class and contributes well in lessons. I am recommending him her to work in our school s Media Center. 4 In groups of 4, students are studying novels in Literature Circles using 6 novel-study role sheets. I am sure with that more effort and concentration he will show rapid improvement. takes great pride in all of the work he does and always does a neat job. retells events from a story in a sequential manner.

9 N s reading has improved and e is more aware of the value of books. For longhand writing all written progress to be inserted here. COMMENTS Autobiography 1 H fictional autobiography showed a lot of creativity and imagination. Ethan s excellent time management skills are clearly evidenced by his punctual submission of quality work, and the source variety and organization he uses in assignments exceeds expectations.

16 N is a friendly member of the class, who works with enthusiasm and regularly contributes to class discussion. 2 N showed h understanding of the unit s English grammar by making a large and creative poster in group work.

understands the relationship between addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. 8 N is now more confident about h ability in English and enjoys reading a wider range of books. needs lots of repetition and practice in order to retain reading vocabulary 1030. No matter how busy is, he still has time to do something nice for someone. COMMENTS In General 3 1 N has produced some good work when e makes the effort but is capable of more.

com This variety of styles will lead to a consequent maturity in N s story writing. There are general comments that apply to very objective criteria such as, Student completes all assigned work in a timely manner.

uses details to expand upon the great written thoughts she is already putting on paper.

12 At certain times N does find difficulty in remaining on task as e prefers to chat to others around h. Alex is encouraged to focus on his writing skills for the rest of the year and should look for leadership opportunities around the school. Many of her difficulties occur on the playground and she then carries a poor attitude in the classroom. com video lessons have helped over 500,000 teachers engage their students. Please talk to him her about what is appropriate and what is an inappropriate conversation to have with teachers.- Grade 4 to 6 teachers are constantly sending us praise about this kit.

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