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Report book comments for english - ENGLISH REPORT COMMENTS for teachers file 1

He she has not returned ANY spelling assignments this entire quarter. He she works so independently and is able to accomplish both his her personal goals along with his her academic goals.

com Video Kindergarten Report Card Comments Comments are important pieces of report cards that help to explain student performance.

Comments should start off with a positive statement. has done fabulously in fulfilling his her role as a mentor to the younger students.

interacts skillfully and sensitively in group roles 480. Chalk Talks are reflective routines that allow all students to simultaneously share their thoughts, ideas, and wonderings in a judgement-free zone. Steven is encouraged to identify areas for improvement in his own work to help him achieve academic goals. does not have a positive attitude regarding his her place or position in the community. listens to the comments and ideas of others without interrupting. You may notice several of the reading, writing, communication, and math stems come from the Common Core State Standards.

Please work with to put forth more effort in the next quarter or else he she could risk failing Language Arts.

Your constant cooperation and help are appreciated.- Grade 4 to 6 teachers are constantly sending us praise about this kit.

7 H written work is done with care and attention. Damian does not appear to understand his academic strengths and needs at this time, and would benefit from discussing next step approaches for improvement at home. Is showing interest and enthusiasm for the things we do. His grades are good but not participating when asked could adversely affect them. has a good understanding of vocabulary words, and is able to use them correctly. I would really like for to practice his her fractions more at home. While this was probably the norm in kindergarten, it is completely unacceptable in first grade. Our cafeteria staff is an important part of our school community. 2 N is a quiet member of the class, who has a considerate and thoughtful nature. 5 I was pleased to see e had followed all instructions and typed a fine business letter. She s able to identify the setting, characters, problem, and solution. She he is always willing to help his her fellow classmates. FORM CHART Report Card Comments Phrases End of has been noticeable improvement in s study habits this year.

I tell him her to do things and he she chooses to do something different.

works well and participates in small, guided reading groups. He needs to improve his reading speed and comprehension if he is to have success in the grade. Despite that, he must start to minimise errors in his speaking while practising to develop a more natural pace and rhythm.

takes great pride in all of the work he does and always does a neat job.

He needs to remember that we play only at certain times. This is very distracting for the other children and it causes him her to be very unproductive. He should look for ways to get involved in leadership opportunities both in, and outside the classroom. format MMM D, YYYY and your credit card will not be charged.

This kit makes it simple to cover all major subjects and process at this level. It is best that he she get additional assistance from a tutor. Is helped by using hand or body motions to remember spelling 155.

Never say the child is having problems without giving a possible solution you are going to try and what has already been tried. reasons using a variety of simple and related ideas 412. needs to actively participate in classroom discussion.

needs to actively participate in classroom discussion.

Attitude The student is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school. does not have a positive attitude regarding his her place or position in the community. He she is the hardest working second grader that I know. 8 H handwriting is neat and clear and a pleasure to read. He is encouraged to continue working on his perseverance so that he requires less prompting and reinforcement to complete academic work.

student easily meets the widely held expectations for learning in his age range 625. is a wonderful girl and I m happy to have had her in my room. Aidan has a good reputation with his peers for being an honest and reliable student in our classroom.

16 Please encourage N to read English material at home in h free time.

gets along well with others in the classroom and or on the playground.

She can be very social and restless and often does not finish her work on time. is an inquisitive learner who enjoys analyzing situations and making new discoveries in all parts of the school day.

19 Great job in the first semester, N and I look forward to an excellent second semester with you! Works well in groups, planning and carrying out activities.

For this reason, he is one of the best-liked members of my class.

Four times a year I m given the monumental task of creating report cards that leave an accurate record of my students performance in the classroom without making anybody cry. has had some problems adjusting to our room, as you know from my reports to you.

is a very special student and I will miss him her. Comments for novice and expand their name into the middle school has not a picture of chart paper. With s ability to apply herself to each task, she should receive much satisfaction from her school experiences.

If you like the quality of these report card comments, and would like the opportunity to create comments like these in a matter of a few minutes, you have to check out our Report Card Comment Bank and Generator program. has been incredibly disrespectful toward the cafeteria staff. I have to constantly remind him her to use his her inside voice as if he she were in elementary school because he she constantly yells.

communicates for a wide variety of purposes and in a wide variety of contexts 399.

Please express to him her the importance of safety. uses strategies such as making connections, asking questions about the text, and inferencing to aid their comprehension. understands place value and uses it to round numbers to the nearest.

He she seems to be hungry and has told me that it s from not eating breakfast. 6 E has really tried hard with h reading, and seems to be much more confident. com, they have a classroom management package with tips and techniques AND classroom management consulting!

This is very distracting for the other children and it causes him her to be very unproductive. Using the PEGS system ensures a variety of meaningful, comments which is often the most important part to a parent. 5 The students and I appreciate h contributions to group and class discussions. Inadequate preparation for test s and quiz zes 563. Is beginning to read words in groups phrases 811. shows initiative thinks things through for himself!

19 E is generally hardworking, although e can be easily distracted.

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