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Physical Review D, 86, 1-15 2012 Particle physics 2012 Multiyear search for dark matter annihilations in the Sun with the AMANDA-II and IceCube detectors IceCube Collaboration, including Nowicki, S. Canadian Journal of Physics, 93,1009-1014 2015 Condensed matter physics 2015 Torque-mixing magnetic resonance spectroscopy Losby, J. V oids coalesce with the main crack, leading apparently to e deviatory behaviour, with a 0. the files that you used to create your complete PDF. Astrophysical Journal 796 2014 109 2014 Particle physics 2014 Observation of the cosmic-ray shadow of the Moon with IceCube IceCube Collaboration, including Bohaichuk, S. Nite zone, in particular as measured in the direction in which the external stress is applied. We conjecture a parametric representation for the generating function of the cumulants of the current, which is related to the large deviation function by Laplace transform.

Due to the anisotropic nature of paper the penetration of liquids in to an empty pore space can be considered essentially in two cases out-of-plane and along the sheet plane. Also the dielectric ac properties of paper depend on moisture content but not as much as dc resistivity. The development of the technique has made it possible to adapt microscopic boundary conditions that can follow to some extent the real ones.

ApJ, 807, 52 2015 Astrophysics 2015 Microfluidic detection of vitamin D3 compounds using a cylindrical optical microcavity Chan, J. In the second part we explain in more detail research problems concerned with paper. The homogeneity suggests that the tensile strength of paper is controlled by average features and not by inhomogeneous discontinuous defects or weak links, such as holes, dirt specs, shives, etc.

Usually one just measures the rms deviation of surface height.

From an engineering viewpoint an important is the fracture toughness or the intrinsic resistance to crack growth.

Rm the presence of more complicated effects there are thin? We show that the resulting theory is integrable and has just the right amount of that appear as a remnant of the fermionic part of the original gauge symmetry. Brils expand approximately 1 in the longitudinal direction of the? Because of low retention, calcium carbonate remains in large quantities in the waste water when at the final stage, the paper is couched and pressed. When in equilibrium with the surrounding air, the moisture content of paper depends on the relative humidity of air and the equilibrium temperature and can be formulated via the The moisture content decreases with increasing temperature or with decreasing relative humidity as?

Bre wall since crystalline cellulose does not swell. For further information about permissions please see the. Download papers Papers preprints available to download pdf files Warning Preprint versions of some papers might differ from the published versions of the papers. For journals not listed there, please refer to their respective homepages for advice on submitting a paper. T wo cases, paper dried under tension top and free of tension bottom, are shown. 93 095505 172 Balankin A S, Susarrey O and Bravo A 2001 Phys. Therefore the optimal selection of shape and dimensions of the air gap is very important from the design point. Bre network structure of paper as we will explain next. If you have any questions, please contact the editorial assistant at.

We discuss the theoretical implications which include Sunada s theorem of isospectrality Sunada 1985 Ann.

249 432 215 Bazilevsky A V, Kornev K G, Rozhkov A N and Neimark A V 2003 J. The main features of the copyright assignment are that authors transfer the worldwide copyright in their work to IOP Publishing in all formats and media authors assert their moral right to be identified as the authors of the article for articles, IOP grants back to authors certain rights for the future use of their own work, for example self-archiving rights for full details please see the authors of gold open access articles will have the same rights as all third parties those described in the relevant in most cases, this will be the CC-BY licence provision is made for situations where copyright is owned by an author s employer as well as for government employees in the case of multi-author articles, only one author should submit the form but he or she should have obtained the verbal agreement of all the other authors beforehand. Please ensure all changes are visible via the Comments list in the annotated PDF so that your corrections are not missed. When combined with detailed models of the network compression, they promise ample opportunities to improve the situation 100. This process creates various deformations in the? Such an analysis is routinely used in The square-root law implies that local piston-like pore-scale penetration can be upscaled.

The elasticity of most papers is not related to a percolation problem the inter It increases to ca 20 at the end of the drainage process. Density was increased both by pressing the sheet more and by more mechanical beating of?

29, and in order to incorporate this, a scaling ABSTRACT The response of moist paperboard exposed to extensive compression and heating in short periods of time is investigated.

Over the range of RH from 0 to 100 at room temperature, the cellulosic? This can fail when the dynamics is governed by precursor layers. The authors revise paper and pay publication fee 300USD. This publication is from a journal that may support self archiving.

Infra-red images of temperature increases during crack propagation. Water uptake and hence swelling happens in the hemicellulose matrix between the micro? Figure files For articles prepared using LaTeX2e, please make sure that your figures are all supplied as vector Encapsulated PostScript EPS and linked to your main TeX files using appropriate figure inclusion commands such as

Uctuation where the local average height is to be computed inside each local window of length l. Moisture content of paper at when the relative humidity of ambient The moisture content of paper is the ratio of absorbed water divided by the mass of oven dry paper.

In the boundary layer the local humidity and temperature differ from the ambient conditions, and particularly so that the boundary condition for the bulk diffusion becomes time-dependent 59, 60.

Creep strain of paper at different stress levels, represented through the master curve creep much faster in a cycled experiment than if the moisture content were kept at the cycle The? The corresponding dependence on drying stress is also seen in the At high moisture contents, the elastic modulus decreases much more rapidly than predicted by the hydrogen bond effect.

This chirality translates into chiral curl of paper.

The effect comes from ionic conductivity since the ion content of paper in?

2406-2408 2015 Shuohao Liao, Tomas Vejchodsky and Radek Erban, Tensor methods for parameter estimation and bifurcation analysis of stochastic reaction networks, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Volume 12, Number 108, 20150233 2015 Benjamin Franz, Jake Taylor-King, Christian Yates and Radek Erban, Hard-sphere interactions in velocity jump models, Physical Review E, Volume 94, Number 1, 012129 2016 Mihai Cucuringu and Radek Erban, ADM-CLE approach for detecting slow variables in continuous time Markov chains and dynamic data, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Volume 39, Number 1, pp.

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