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Discussion research paper - Discussion and Conclusions

You must take this into account, or they may be illegible to readers Figure 6. Avoid unspecific expressions such as higher temperature, at a lower rate, highly significant. However, this will make your dissertation seem like it has raised more questions than it answers. After the have been written, reread each Craig Pirrong, University of Houston Regulations requiring the clearing of certain OTC derivatives through central counterparties CCPs are causing a profound change in market structure and trading practices.

At the same time, do not focus on yourself for example, by restating everything you did. For example, the discussion of a case report will be much shorter than that of an original article which describes six figures. 11 steps to structuring a science paper editors will take seriously 11 steps to structuring a science paper editors will take seriously A seasoned editor gives advice to get your work published in an international journal By Angel Borja, PhD Posted on 24 June 2014 How to Prepare a Manuscript for International Journals Part 2 In this monthly series, Dr. Once writing the discussion section is complete, you can move onto the next stage, wrapping up the paper with a focused. jpg, ow 480, pt 16 How to write an article 111 discussion section and conclusion. Define your hypothesis and objectives These will go in the Introduction. divider Step 3 Write up the Results This section responds to the question What have you found? First, because the Introduction and Discussion sections are separated by other sections of the paper, it is acceptable to provide in the Discussion an introductory sentence that restates the question or purpose of the study.

The difference is that it s the students who lead these discussions, I just facilitate, ask questions, provide examples, etc. or to critical issues revealed from the data that were not considered initially in your research.

Academic Writing Tips for the Discussion Section of a Research Paper- Expert Journals Academic Writing Tips for the Discussion Section of a Research Paper For academic writing help, consider these tips on how to write discussion section of your academic article This article is part of an ongoing series on academic writing help of scholarly articles. Then explain the main finding as related to the overall purpose of the study. This doesn t necessarily reflect the order in which you did or thought about the work. You should frame your suggestions by linking the need for further research to the limitations of your study e. Even if a result was not statistically significant, it can be helpful to discuss a potential trend that may be important to assess in a future study.

For example, describing lessons learned, proposing that can help improve a situation, or highlighting best practices.

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Decide if each hypothesis is supported, rejected, or if you cannot make a decision with confidence.

Overstated conclusions should be avoided because the data does not support these statements and can mislead the reader. 05 Analysis of the aid, fiscal response and growth relationship in Ghana a cointegrating var approach, March 2006 James Obben Vilaphonh Xayavong 06. Here you can see some examples of original titles, and how they were changed after reviews and comments to them Example 1 Original title Preliminary observations on the effect of salinity on benthic community distribution within a estuarine system, in the North Sea Revised title Effect of salinity on benthic distribution within the Scheldt estuary North Sea Comments Long title distracts readers.

The discussion will always connect to the introduction by way of the research questions or hypotheses you posed and the literature you reviewed, but it does not simply repeat or rearrange the introduction the discussion should always explain how your study has moved the reader s understanding of the research problem forward from where you left them at the end of the introduction. Just check the Guide for authors of the journal, but normally they have less than 250 words.

It is one of the most annoying problems, and causes great headaches among editors.

Besides application of a template which contains the intended clear-cut messages to be followed will contribute to the communication of net messages. Biology lab 1 would not be an informative title, for example. Based on the Discussion Summary of Findings and Limitations of the study, what additional research should be conducted? If these additional findings relate to your main finding, discuss the associations.

For the second part, mention your findings the what and, especially, your conclusion the so what that is, the interpretation of your findings if appropriate, end with perspectives, as in the Conclusion section of your paper. A bit more advanced, intended for those writing papers for publication.

The final year undergraduate sessions for my module on Biodiversity and Conservation are all seminar-based, with discussions of typically two or three papers per session. The first control should concentrate on the evaluation of the of the logic of the manuscript, and its organization, and whether desired messages have been delivered or not. 04 Ethical Foundations of Adam Smith s Political Economy, August 2007 James E. 155358 Clinical Chemistry Nov 2010, 56 11 1671-1674 DOI 10. Consider which statistical result from the results section supports that

Next, give based on the results of the study.

Materials and Methods There is no specific page limit, but a key concept is to keep this section as concise as you possibly can.

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Provide 1 to 2 sentences summarizing the main findings of the study. Refer to generally accepted facts and principles in present tense.

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use a verb expressing a communication action presents, summarizes, etc.

Sometimes your professor will encourage you to expand your discussion of the results in this way, while others don t care what your opinion is beyond your efforts to interpret the data. Therefore, to keep the reader engaged and provide a convincing argument, an attempt should be made to be as concise as possible.

In fact editors of the journal will not reserve the limited space in their journal for articles yielding similar conclusions. Five Basic Sections of a Research Paper Abstract Discussion section, sc 1, st Revista Boliviana de Derecho, th 286, tu q u003dtbn ANd9GcRwE-7 tw 176 cb 3, cl 6, clt n, cr 6, ct 3, id isu

KISS and Tell for Effective Communication Many people have heard of and quoted the KISS principle Keep It. We were able, however, to elicit the production of-selectin when mice were injected with HSV2 IL-6.

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