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Thesis topics in company law - Postgraduate Research Students- School of Law

Look for unprecedented cases in contract law and share your view on the problem.

Although current practices of and political legal frameworks for participation, when measured against these principles, tend to act as barriers to sustainable participation, there is potential for reform.

1990 Standby Letters of Credit and Fraud Simcock, David Keith LL. Law and Theory Graduated Maria Paula supervision Stefano Bertea Paula is considring human rights v pluralism in multicultural societies, in particular the case of the Bolivian Constitution of 2009.

The protection of minority shareholders rights remedies to unfair prejudice and the grounds for bringing proceedings.

Opportunities to integrate the African Peer Review Mechanism early warning findings within the African Union peace and security Architecture NKUUBI James When messiahs turn persecutors reflecting on the blocked transition of liberation movements in Africa-case study of ZANU-PF NORTON Fleur The role of the law in confronting marital rape a case study of Ghana NWAGU Chinedu Yves and human rights protection in Uganda Preventing wrongs without violating rights OKWOR Uchechukwu Victoria Where are the mothers?

This help comes in the shape of very interesting business law dissertation topics you can choose from to set the tone for your dissertation as well as a write-up using one of the topics outlined below. Whether the directors are accountable towards shareholders or not.

Critically analyse the international law on the passing of risk. The European Union, with its supranational powers, is interacting directly with the legal systems of its Member States in substantive as well as procedural matters. The CD s introduction provides a list of other bibliographies and collections of legal theses and dissertations. Some law graduates, after completing their MLaw or MLE, might think about pursuing an international corporate or public-sector career in order to practise law in a global context. Author Pech, Sokhem Title Sustainable Utilization of International Drainage Basin Resources Its Application in the Agreement on the Cooperation for Sustainable Development of the Mekong River Basin Call Number K3499. Therefore these dissertations are not yet available through libraries or other channels. The subject of law is so expansive and discriminating that you may find someone victimized and yet think that he is the oppressor from another angle. 2006 Modern Human Rights The Aboriginal Challenge Russi, Raffaella LL.

An examination of the proposals of the Coalition Government in relation to human rights in the UK. The African union counter terrrorism agenda ADEOLA Romola State responsibility to prevent displacements implementing article 10 of the Kampala Convention SAOYO Tabitha Prospects and challenges of enforcing presidential term limits in Africa through regional instruments SHUGHURU Peter Sexual violence and access to justice for persons with disabilities in Tanzania and South Africa SMUTS Melanie Analysing the negotiation and implementation process of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on the Sudan question Lessons learnt WEKESA Seth County government and rights of marginalised ethnic minorities in Kenya Evaluating the potential benefits and challenges of devolution YANKAM LEMDJO Frank Examining the human rights implications of the political prohibition clause of the world bank operations in Africa Class of 2011- Topics ABDU Abdurazak The need for the political representation of persons with disabilities in Ethiopia ADEWOYE Oluwatomilola Socio-economic rights litigation as a means to engendering social change in South Africa An introduction and context.

Metis Aboriginal Title Candelaria, Sedfrey Martinez LL.

Autonomous Aboriginal Criminal Justice and the Charter of Rights Leane, Geoffrey W.

Job programme is designed to equip its graduates for work in major law firms, the Community Institutions and as in-house lawyers. An evaluation of the current state of English criminal law in relation to the defence of self defence.

2007 Transforming Law s Family The Legal Recognition of Planned Lesbian Families Kelly, Katrina Robertson LL. Hosted right at the heart of the European Union, this Brussels-based LLM formerly known as PILC has offered excellence in this field for 44 years. 2008 Legal, Economic, and Industrial Relations Considerations in Workforce Integrations Following Corporate Mergers Horne, Andrew J.

Current models of ownership structure and their role in improving the company corporate performance. It does not look at the liability that may be imposed by the common law. These agreements afford foreign investors the right to invest and protect investors from state measures that discriminate on the grounds of nationality. I argue that section 3 of the Energy Resources Conservation Act Alberta requires the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board AEUB, in an individual energy project decision, to a define integrity for the region in question, and b aim to maintain that integrity with its project decision. This thesis assesses the extent to which the electricity reform program meets these constitutional requirements.

prizes won, courses for which the paper was written, etc.

Doing the Right Thing Aboriginal Women, Violence and Justice Lin, Hua-wei LL. Speaking with people who aren t law students, be they students of other subjects or even just family, will allow you to tap into the life experience of others and gain an insight from a perspective you might not have considered. Accidents on the work place methods of treatment. The Thesis Standard Query provides access by author, title, degree, year, school, and keyword.

Name Thesis Research area Traits of the Commercial Mediator working title Mediation methodology, ADR, Regulatory and Policy making mechanisms, Psychological Profiling Abuse of Rights in International Arbitration Lis Pendens and D pe age in International Arbitration An Anomalous Paradox or Orthodox Reality? As an example of a withdrawal, this report will examine the withdrawal of Greenland, an autonomous territory within the EU Member State Denmark, from the European Economic Community. This will complement the piece I published in December 2015, with Wake Forest University, Berkshire s A Managerial Model for the Next Generation. Depending on your major, you may want use this opportunity to write about something that should be discussed further, such as a concern or idea that could improve or change something within your field. How the law has been and might be used to limit the adverse effects of cartels in international trade a critical and comparative study of the UK and US approaches. While in many countries no specific legislation or programs dealing with international abduction of children could be located, existing laws and general legal aid programs may be relevant. Nnadike Casmir Ugwuogbonna supervision and Casmir s research is entitled The use of regional mechanism to advance international criminal justice in Africa. As you can see there are many topics that you could cover in your law dissertation, and here are suggestions of some of them.

No one wants to live, work or play next to contaminated land.

Cooperative mechanisms for sharing power in an environmental context are explored. Digital Commons Network You might be able to find a few theses and disserations in the repository collections of other law schools aggregated through Law Commons. Title A Sustainable Development Critique of the Russian Oil and Gas Disposition System Learning from Canadian Experience with Equity Call Number AC1.

This thesis, using sustainable development as a theoretical framework, examines the development of a sustainable legal and regulatory framework for gas development in Nigeria.

2016 Confluence of the law of fresh water resources and international trade do Canada s international trade obligations apply to Canada s fresh water resources? Have the police been using their powers of detention and questioning of suspects adequately in response to the terrorism threat in the UK? Universities recognise this and will provide students with detailed structural and formatting guidelines, as well as some high-level guidance with regards to being original and analytical. 1993 Sexist Implications of Law s Fidelity to Science and Reason Nussbaum, Matthias LL. 2003 A Comparison of Minority Shareholders Remedies in British Columbia and Bhutan Tully, Erin McEachern LL. AssessmentLLM students have the option of writing a thesis of 18,000 words in lieu of examination for one of their four courses. The causes of the international credit crisis and the role of corporate governance in the process. In some cases, information on more than one website is provided where separate sites have been established for different chambers of the national parliament. Genocide, Culture, Law Aboriginal Child Removals in Australia and Canada Jamal, Soraya M.

Plea Bargaining A Comparative Study of Austrian and Canadian Law Last updated on October 28, 2017 1 34 pm Tel 604-822-2275 Fax 604-822-6864 Email Law Library 1822 East Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 Suggestions We want to hear from you. 1997 Securities regulation in China A Study of its Path to Market Economy Yaron, Gil LL. Get it done with- professional essay writers for hire. What areas of the system should be reformed first and how? The author concludes while there are positive aspects to the access to information procedures, there are three overarching flaws- the complexity of the environmental assessment process, the overabundance of ministerial discretion and the over-breadth and overabundance of exemptions in the legislation. What can a starting entrepreneur do to preserve a budding company? Cunningham about the stories he s following and the work he s doing in the new year. Originally, oil pipelines were entirely common carriers.

41, Kramer Law Building Tel 021 650 5885 Legal Pluralism Family Law Muslim personal law Law and Religion Law and culture Human Rights, Gender and the Law Gender Studies Politics Islamic Law and Citizenship Yes A Prof Berg, J Rm 6. We prepare our graduates for a wide range of careers in the corporate world, in government, diplomacy, international organisations, compliance and regulatory affairs and other public and private sector institutions.

It is established that a significant difference in the division of powers between states and the federal government in the U. Many students resubmit their essay with us after it has been rejected by their teacher. Discretion granted to national courts in the procedure for preliminary ruling under Article 267 TFEU threatens the uniformity and consistency. Of course, it should be administered justly and only then can it serve its proper purpose.

The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in International Investment Law Ambit, Effect and Nature Reservations to multilateral treaties. The Faculty of Law website contains information about the options available at How to apply Funding about sources of funding is available from the Faculty of Law s LLM website at and from the University s Graduate Admissions Office website at Take your passion for law to the next level with advanced study and research.

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