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During the project, two elements of the scope of the project emerged that were not anticipated in advance 1 the amount of work that would be required in collecting, cleani ng up and converting legacy data into a format suitable for the new system and 2 the changes that would be req uired to the physical organ isation of the warehouse function when the system was used to dispense material primary sites are charac terised by non-disc rete activities, the core of which is weighting and dispensi ng which is critical for an ERP application., particularly with respect to customer satisfaction, a key performa nce indicator measuring the per cent shipment s made to customers within the commi t date. Ndings from this case investigation we use the nine areas of the project management body of knowledg e PMBO K framework. Furthe r, case stu dies are planned to assemble a complete set of best practice for futur e ERP project managers.

An ERP implementation is a major undertaking, which requires managem ent to assemble the best possible team to plan, execute and contro l the project. So the parameters and options that were available to the implementing site were not a question of SAP options, but rather a question of choices available und er the corporate best practice template the global stand ard operating procedures or GSOP s. Culty especially in organisation s with no culture of working across functional areas and no experience of such large projects. This discussion will be of great value to ERP project managers who are in the early stages of a project and need to understand and anticipate the areas which will require specific attention on their part, based on their knowledge of the specific circumstances within their organisational context. Case 8 Team Building at Global Green Books Publishing Student is introduced to core concepts such as team building, project kick-off meetings, and team charters. primary vs secondary sites in our case study cause many additional problems which require substantial re-works and workarounds. With ERP managers were led to believe that they would derive informational as well as operational.

1990, Qualitative Evaluation and Research Methods, Sage, Newbury Park, CA.

The application of its principles allows senior managers to establish and use appropriate measures of success, to quantify value commensurate with cost and to optimise the use of organisational resourc es. 1002 9780470549179 The ever expanding market need for information on how to apply project management principles and the PMBOK contents to day-to-day business situations has been met by our case studies book by Harold Kerzner.

It became clear that in order to negotiate changes to this template, with a view to accommodating local requirements, new types of skills would be required. Additionally, this paper presents the relationship among these practices with Lean Office elements, which causes positive impacts. Prima facia, most of the salien t points either good or bad that have been reported about ERP projects in the liter ature, either in term s of case studies or in terms of critic al suc cess factor CSF research, see m to fall naturally within these categories. Following this rapid learning curve, with just nine months on the project and with go-liv e immine nt, team members were extremely aware of the extent of the changes that were ab out to take place and for which they would have to take

The research results show a positive correlation between the context factor enterprise size and the ERP system

2007 explain that the PMI Project Management Institute, organization globally recognized, is the entity that consolidates such practices in the PMBOK. case unde r the nin e headin gs of the PMB OK framework illustrates one visio n of what could be termed best practice in terms of ERP

The case analysis also raised some interesting insights into how companies evaluate the success of such highly complex change management initiatives. Background The Challenge Honda T rkiye, manufacturing, importing and selling cars and motorcycles in Turkey, was using high-TCO MFPs and dot matrix printers from three different vendors.

Case 6 Developing Project Managers at Global Green Books Publishing Student is introduced to core concepts such as leadership and people skills, the role of a project manager as both leader and manager, and challenges from dealing with team building issues in projects., a Fortune 500 company, is the world s largest medical technology company and is dedicated to providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic pain.

Local management were worried that this global roll-out would impact their customer satisfaction rating, their efforts in distinguishin g themselve s being therefore nulli?

The fact that teams must be is an added dif? multinational corporations MNCs need to take into account the idiosyncrasies of local operations when imposing a globa l corporat e stand ard on critical business processes such as cash collec tion, procurement, and material planning. 4 Project time manageme nt project cost management Depending on the size of the organisation and the scope of the project, implementing an ERP system may take years because of the need to be rolled out across multiple sites, lines of business and countries. 0 Case Studies Sustainable project success by example cargo partner Travel Transportation International logistic and service provider operating worldwide with headquarters in Fischamend, Austria, optimizes project overview, increases project transparency and standardizes reporting.

Full control of document costs via realtime monitoring at user and department levels. For example, core team members were unable to understan d the limitations of a bulk chemical dispensi ng paramet er that did not have the required numb er of decimal plac es to record t he actual readings from the scales in use in the plant the temp late having been de signed for table ts, not bulk chemical. The net effect was that cos ts were minimised and control was optimised., it is clear that a good deal more could have been done for local sites ability to question and change a global template, if not the choice of package itself.

Ne the key strengths of the company, and then in subsequent interviews, as the pro ject progressed thro ugh the preparation and implementation phases, they were asked to comment on how ERP impacted these strengths. Therefore, one issue of importance in this paper is whethe r this PMBOK framework is immediately applicable to ERP projects. This research work will need to be extended to cover other case studies of ERP implementation across other industries and organisational contexts for example in less tightly regulated industries and smaller organisations. In addition, the costs to set the team up were consid erable. Nd ings of the case under the nine headings of the PMBOK framework and,? more activity regarding modules, sites and functions means a longer process.

Nal point, stating that team mor ale is a vital component for the success of the project.

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