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How to revise an essay - College 101 Editing Your Essay

The following are useful strategies for revising your writing. The same thinking, I might add, applied in life I went pell-mell through my four years in college without a thought about whether I ought to do anything differently the idea was to get to the end- to get out of school and become a journalist. If you revise a hard copy, grab a pen and maybe a highlighter to start marking up your pages. Have all quotations been checked against the original?

If you read your essay the next day, though, you ll see that every word is far from perfect. Use the following list to fine-tune your language.

Then cut off its head and tail, and serve up the remains with the sauce of good humor. suggested that I try changing from the outside in. You ve put the finishing touches on your essay, and it feels oh-so-good.

The New Yorker, January 14, 2013 Pronunciation re-VIZH-en Nordquist, Richard. Please do not submit any content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of another. Revision is the process of refining your message until it says what you want it to say, your reader s will understand it, and your reader s will receive it favourably. Time away from your essay will allow for more objective This post will provide ideas for your writer s workshop when teaching your students how to REVISE a narrrative essay. Instead, act like you re dating it, seeing if you re compatible, finding out what it s like from day to day. offers hundreds of practice questions and video explanations. One-sixth gravity must be a lot of fun, and when Armstrong and Aldrin went into their bouncy little dance, like two happy children, it was a moment not only of triumph but of gaiety.

Begin reading your essay from the end and work your way back to the start. Leaf Group Education The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

In particular, he has given his paragraph a good focus, has described parts of the photograph more vividly, has added some transitional words and phrases, has cut down on his overuse of is, has used longer and more varied sentences, and has made his paragraph more interesting by using better wording. On the other hand, once your final product flows as smoothly as, even when put to the ultimate test of being read out loud, you can rest assured that your reader will give you brownie points for style and tone.

For in the act of revising on the small scale one comes upon gaps in thought andwhat is as badreal or apparent repetitions or intrusions, sometimes called backstitching. When you are revising you are making sure your information is well organized, appropriate and complete.

PUNCTUATION Within Sentences Have you eliminated any unnecessary commas and included commas there they are needed? Revision enabled White to be clearer by articulating concisely and directly an idea that was earlier implied revision let him move an idea that was clear by the middle or end of an early draft to the beginning. This is the kind of revision that is most often needed but least often done.

If you are using terminology that the reader may not understand, clarify its meaning and context at the beginning of your written piece. This family clearly are suffering from extreme poverty, but the photograph also suggests that the mother is doing her best to care for her children during this difficult time.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings then try again. Finally, in addition to the outside feedback, there are some revision strategies that you can engage in on your own.

William Safire, Great Rules of Writing eTutoring at Bow Valley College, an initiative sponsored by, is an online writing support service available to Bow Valley College students How eTutoring Works Students can submit a draft of a research paper or essay to a tutor, ask for specific feedback, and receive a tutor s response typically within 24-48 hours service time may be longer during peak times The offline eQuestions allow the student to leave a specific question for an eTutor who will endeavor to respond within 48 hours eTutors provide feedback for a student s consideration where the tutor believes the writing can be improved Before submitting a paper, students agree to only submit their own written work therefore, group assignments are not accepted eTutors do not edit, correct, proofread or rewrite the paper A student may submit up to 3 drafts of an assignment for review Last Updated Aug 4, 2017 2 21 PM URL REVISION STRATEGIES An important part of the writing process is revision, especially as it differs from editing.

Time away from your essay will allow for more objective Print out a copy, mark any changes on the printed copy, and then update your computer version. However you are allowed to take a break after completing your first draft.

Check your conclusion Does the last paragraph tie the paper together smoothly and end on a stimulating note, or does the paper just die a slow, redundant, lame, or abrupt death?

Adding more development or even a new key idea is often necessary to make your message interesting and convincing as well as clear.

Revising for Tone Put simply, tone is the writer s attitude towards the subject. I was responsible for ruining the entire operation for a Western chain store.

Instead of 24 hours, take a break of one or two hours before proofreading. Then, come back and hit those revisions like they talked smack about your mother. You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree. It also involves making the argument s structure visible by strengthening topic sentences and transitions.

And details are more than details, they can mean the difference between negative and positive infinity, an impossible range of solutions.

Revision is the way you cope with bad luck that made your writing less than excellent this morning.

You may want to start working on your next paper early so that you have plenty of time for revising. When the assignment is ready, students will see it under their My Assignments tab.

Edit for grammar, word choice, correct citations, and similar errors in this stage. The moon still holds the key to madness, which is universal, still controls the tides that lap on shores everywhere, still guards lovers that kiss in every land under no banner but the sky.

The Nitty-Gritty Checklist Did you do all of this stuff? These three goals are the essentials of good communication. Is the documentation in the Works Cited page and body of the essay correct? com, and the experts at Shmoop will help you take your essay to the next level.

THE THREE GOALS OF REVISION No one can write in a single draft an essay that is perfectly organized and developed, let alone one that is free of errors. For a D you need to answer the question and explain your ideas with some supporting quotations from the text. Instead, act like you re dating it, seeing if you re compatible, finding out what it s like from day to day. The video and text below look at some of the best technigues to help you achieve top marks What are these techniques?

Ensure that your conclusion is clear and purposeful. A major revision is a big change such as adding or removing a paragraph.

In the first case you must write a new fragment and insert it so that its beginning and end fit what precedes and follows.

Allow them to use a thesaurus, colored pens, and notes, and other for this activity. Our instructors are available to answer your questions and provide assistance as you move through the lessons. This is the kind of revision that is most often needed but least often done.

Once, John wrote a first draft of an essay, proofread the draft and made some corrections, and then turned in that first draft as his final draft. Are they all different from one another, or is there an overlap in content? Instead of writing as much as possible, some students resist waiting to revise and instead just try to get the whole experience over as soon as possible.

How to Revise Your Paper Most people would agree that no pieces of writing are more carefully written, read, revised, reread and re-revised than r sum s and cover letters.

Wisdom Publications, 2012 Jacques Barzun on the Pleasures of Revision Rewriting is called revision in the literary and publishing trade because it springs from re-viewing, that is to say, looking at your copy againand again and again. They will also be approaching the work with fresh eyes. Editing should be done before proofreading A common error that a lot of students make is to proofread their work before editing it.

There s nothing better than seeing a student solve a difficult problem without me saying anything.

com accessed November 2, 2017. com Revising College Essays 18 Fantastic Proofreading Tips REVISING COLLEGE ESSAYS The question of how to proofread an essay properly is one that many students ask and indeed, before submitting any essay, it is essential to proofread it.

Here are some suggested stages for the revision process.

Bernard Malamud, Talking Horse Bernard Malamud on Life and Work, ed. Look for sentences that start with It is or There are and see if you can revise them to be more active and engaging.

This can be very effective, in that it helps you listen to your own sentence rhythms, sense gaps in logic, intuit where punctuation is needed, and identify words that you re misusing or overusing. I was looking back at a couple of my favorite student essays and I realized that the structure of a couple of those essays is ridiculously sound. I then am ready to plunge into the body of the article itself. Sections are divided into general tips for varying structure, a discussion of sentence types, and specific parts of speech which can aid in sentence variety.

Please do not submit any content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of another. Read them aloud in order to see if they tell a very short version of your essay.

Writing experts generally agree, however, that while details such as grammar and punctuation are important, they are far less important than solid organization, fresh writing, and creative content. Admissions officers will think that if you don t put in the time to refine your essay, you don t really care about going to their school.

Adding big changes such as plumbing or walls is much like revising your draft. It is a lot like inflating a blimp with a bicycle pump. Then discuss aloud what you were trying to achieve. Your dedication to educating children is astounding so let me help make your job easier! It gives them a sense of and they find it easier or more satisfying than composing a first draft. In other words, does the writer avoid introducing new material in the conclusion or switching subjects in the middle of a paragraph in the body? I just keep reading the story, first on the tube, then in paper form, usually standing up at a file cabinet far from my desk, tinkering and tinkering, shifting paragraphs around, throwing out words, shortening sentences, worrying and fretting, checking spelling and job titles and numbers. I was unafraid to ask questions and didn t worry how dumb they would make me sound. It is traditional, of course, for explorers to plant the flag, but it struck us, as we watched with awe and admiration and pride, that our two fellows were universal men, not national men, and should have been equipped accordingly.

You ll let yourself get away with practically anything. As you revise your own work, keep the following principles in mind Revision entails rethinking your thesis. After step four has been completed, they can move to fine-tuning through editing and proofreading.

He had no idea that this was the case until he actually examined this aspect of his essay.

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