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Developing critical thinking in social studies - Improving Students Critical Thinking and Classroom Engagement by Playing the Devils Advocate- Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education

Bracken, Feng, Brown 2009 reported findings of an increase in reading comprehension and reading assessment scores that bodes well for the use of the program in Title I Schools. Competent citizens think critically and creatively, evaluate and make informed decisions. Teacher refers to the earlier definition of a fact. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 3 4. Retrieved from Using Technology as a Tool for Learning and Developing 21st Century Citizenship Skills An Examination of the NETS and Technology Use by Preservice Teachers With Their K-12 Students by, Portland State University Abstract This study examined work samples and reflections of 223 elementary and secondary preservice teachers in a graduate teacher education program.

KaAMS incorporates prompts and scaffolding suggestions to promote reflective thinking by Structuring lesson plans to support reflective thinking. Of course there will be explanations we may have to impart, but it is the students who must be actively working and thinking through the curriculum. And when we have discussions, we must make certain that class discussions are truly discussions and not just question short answer recitations.

If students can see how the stock market has an impact on their lives, it s much easier to engage them in learning.

The teacher shapes students understanding of the reasoning process by asking them to explain how they made sense of the text.

Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 13 4, 21-35. Each activity page takes about 5-15-minutes to solve and develops the most important reading comprehension skill found on all standardized reading tests. About the Authors Donna Ogle is Professor of Education at National-Louis University in Chicago, Illinois, and is actively involved in staff development projects work in the Chicago Public Schools, the Reading Leadership Institute, and in other American school districts.

There is strong evidence for the effectiveness of the modeling component of the metacognitive approach. Change over time In Students will use satellite images, population data, and local city data to study human impact on the environment. When examining the vast literature on critical thinking, various definitions of critical thinking emerge. Strategies for Reading Primary and Secondary SourcesMany students struggle with taking away what is necessary for success from primary and secondary sources. Singapore is the only country in the world that uses caning as a form of punishment. Social Studies recognizes the challenges and benefits of living in a diverse cultural and ideological society.

The most frequent student use of technology 81 work samples was Internet search tools to support research NETS-S Standard 3. Students must thoroughly read all required material before class. Preservice teachers were encouraged but not required to implement technology enriched lessons in both their half-time student teaching Student Teaching I and subsequent full-time student teaching Student Teaching II field experiences. Making those informed decisions requires critical thinking skills. The driving initiative behind this text is to foster the teaching of literacy through this particular content area. Criteria To think critically, must apply criteria. Using dialogues to develop critical thinking skills A practical approach. Critical thinkers have a propensity to raise and explore questions about beliefs, claims, evidence, definitions, conclusions, and actions.

Statement 2 is an opinion because the word best is a personal preference. From the Student Guide to Historical Thinking and other essays from Richard Paul, Linda Elder, and Gerald Nosich, these are some ideas I have incorporated into my classroom and would recommend to other social studies teachers who wish to incorporate critical thinking into theirs Keep the elements and the standards in front of your students during the entire school year and continue emphasizing them.

For example, reflections documented K-12 students who demonstrated creative thinking and who developed innovative products by using digital video cameras and I-Movie software to create video poetry.

Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. Retrieved from International Society for Technology in Education.

The activities can be done with groups or individually. Some of the seemingly most difficult to teach students focus well and work when using programs such as Microsoft Word, publisher, and PowerPoint. K-12 students uses of technology were assigned to one of these four NETS-S.

Of course not these standards are of the essence. The technology serves my needs it doesn t force me to conform to some pre-set pattern. Using dialogues to develop critical thinking skills A practical approach. I understand this consent is not required to enroll. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

Our goal must to keep our students thinking their way through our courses, and thinking well, Thinking and reasoning are the foundations of readiness of college, career, and civic life, and of lifelong learning.

Links to additional information on critical and reflective thinking Reflective thought, critical thinking Eric digest Reflective thinking, John Dewey and PBL A Selected Reflective Thinking Bibliography Book Moon, J.

Perceptions The Association of American Colleges and Universities, Standards for Accreditation of Medical Education Program, Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Standards and Guidelines for the Professional Program in Pharmacy, American Dental Education Association, and many more organizations list critical thinking as a major intellectual and practical skill, particularly in the area of health science education Rowles, Morgan, Burns, Merchant, 2013.

As an alternative to sharing out in small groups, the expert groups can create a poster and present their ideas to the class while the rest of the class is required to take notes on the perspective and come up with questions to ask the presenting group.

Each activity page takes about 5-15-minutes to solve and develops the most important reading comprehension skill found on all standardized reading tests. Social Studies equips learners to make sound judgments and take appropriate actions that will contribute to sustainable development of human society and the physical environment.

Table 4 Evidence of Technology Use in Instruction Documented in Preservice teachers Reflection N 151 Level Academic Year Reflections Identifying Technology Use Total of Reflections Identifying Technology Use Elementary 2004-2005 22 26 85 2005-2006 23 23 100 Subtotal Elementary 45 49 92 2002-2003 18 22 82 Secondary 2004-2005 23 26 88 2005-2006 20 25 80 2006-2007 23 29 79 Subtotal Secondary 84 102 82 Totals 129 151 85 Alignment of Preservice Teachers Use of Technology With NETS-T Given the findings about the extent of preservice teachers technology use, how did these uses relate to or conform with NETS-T ISTE, 2000? The authors provide targeted teaching models, graphic organizers, and step-by-step activities such as Building vocabulary, Developing textbook literacy skills, Interpreting primary and secondary sources, Applying critical thinking skills to newspapers and magazines, and Evaluating Internet sources.

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