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Case study research questions examples - Case study Research

Whilst a pure scientist is trying to prove or disprove a, a case study might introduce new and unexpected results during its course, and lead to research taking new directions.

Company ABC is struggling, should it be restructured? You need to justify your approach and methods and to cite appropriate literature to help you do this.

Here you would not be collecting your own data but instead would be analysing existing documents. A third concern is that case studies take to long. also pointed out the relevance of Mezirow s theory to the field of adult learning, so they were making connections between this study and this particular field. Examples of large datasets include the British Crime Survey, and the Youth Cohort Study. 19 January 2017 Case Study Research Foundations and Methodological Orientations Helena Harrison, Melanie Birks, Richard Franklin Jane Mills Abstract Over the last forty years, case study research has undergone substantial methodological development. Conclusion In conclusion, good qualitative questions can be significant tools that shape a study design and analysis.

REFLECTION In your Reflection Journal, describe a time in your life when you think you have conducted some sort of research or investigation in an inductive, qualitative approach. I find many students are in love with a particular theory even before shaping their questions, and it is likely that their own life experiences have played a role in their choice. Manageable You need to be realistic about the scope and scale of the project. 2-3 the usefulness of case study research lies in the fact that it encourages research methods that help measure thinking over an ongoing period, for example by multiple interviews.

The interviewer is often expecting you to ask to find missing information. It requires considerable skill on the part of the researcher, who needs to be adept at identifying and analysing data from a number of different sources. I tried to get a question from that but it was a descriptive question that I ended up scrapping on the advice of the supervisor, he told me it wasn t any good as a question. Conclusion As with any research paper, you should summarize your conclusion in clear, simple language emphasize how the findings from your case study differs from or supports prior research and why. At the heart of this approach are methods for representing what Geertz Geertz, C.

Foundational Concepts While over time the contributions of researchers from varied disciplines have helped to develop and strengthen case study research, the variety of disciplinary backgrounds has also added complexity, particularly around how case study research is defined, described, and applied in practice.

It seems that when a person s brain is flawed to process mostly facts, emotional and social functions fail. Case study research has grown in sophistication and is viewed as a valid form of inquiry to explore a broad scope of complex issues, particularly when human behavior and social interactions are central to understanding topics of interest ANTHONY JACK, 2009 FLYVBJERG, 2011 GEORGE BENNETT, 2005 LUCK, JACKSON USHER, 2006 MERRIAM, 2009 STAKE, 2006 YIN, 2014. However, to do justice to the subject, theories and policies will be included so Iam able to demonstrate where failures in the system may exist.

Qualitative research An interactive design, 2nd ed.

If a question is focused and clearly establishes what data is needed to answer the question, the research process will likely be smooth and achievable within a reasonable time frame.

The methods used to study a case can rest within a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method investigative paradigm. While all dissertations will include a literature review, it is possible to produce a dissertation that is entirely based on a review of the literature.

2001 Green Supply Chain Costing-Joint Cost Management in the Polyester Linings Supply Chain, in Greener Management International, Issue 33 71 80. While having a disciplined approach to the process and acknowledging that case study can use quantitative methods, STAKE s approach is underpinned by a strong motivation for discovering meaning and understanding of experiences in context. Qualitative research An interactive design, 2nd ed. The examples below provide additional context around quantitative and qualitative research questions. Explain how they are linked and what elements of the case will help to expand knowledge and understanding about the problem. 1 Definitions and descriptions There are a number of definitions and descriptions presented across the literature, which can create confusion when attempting to understand case study research.

Instructor Stephanie Foley Stephanie has a BA MA iin psychology and has taught for 13 years. How many people sell AMWAY products in the United States? The remainder of the report will then develop the explanation. The ability to manage your time will be directly related to your ability to control the boundaries of the study especially if it is closely linked to your workplace. The researcher participates directly in the setting and collects data in a systematic manner. Academy of Management Review 14 October 1989 532-550 Emmel, Nick.

The revised question brings the focus to learning strategies without presupposing an outcome for professional development. As I collected data in a three year study of an African American preservice teacher Agee Agee, J., conditions have changed prior studies were conducted long ago, etc. Could we be doing anything else to keep you happy?

Keith Wimbles, Chief Executive, Voluntary Action Fund Lesley is a very motivated professional who is undertaking high level participatory evaluation that seeks to empower.

Case Selection Techniques in Case Study Research. Every question usually undergoes a process of reflection and refinement before you get your question to its final version. As discussed earlier, ensuring the alignment of philosophy and methodology with the research purpose and methods employed underpins a rigorous research process STEWART, 2014. A toy company has been experiencing decline sales for the last two seasons. Assuming prior studies have not looked at individual travel choices as a way to study access to illicit drug use, a case study that observes a homeless veteran could reveal how issues of personal mobility choices facilitate regular access to illicit drugs. For this purpose, qualitative researchers can employ a broad scope of methods and interpretative practices in any one study, although they typically include observations, interviews, and analysis of participants words DENZIN LINCOLN, 2011 MERRIAM, 2009. Case studies become collective when a number of instrumental case studies are used to make comparisons in relation to a particular issue or phenomenon.

She made the point that in such sensitive and dangerous contexts, where people s lives may be threatened by participation in a study, that the context should determine the research and some settings where research cannot be ethically conducted and should not be attempted or should be curtailed Wood Wood, E.

Case studies belonging to this category usually describe culture or sub-culture, and they attempt to discover the key phenomena.

For example, studying the case of an unforeseen incident, such as a fatal accident at a railroad crossing, can reveal hidden issues that could be applied to preventative measures that contribute to reducing the chance of accidents in the future.

Donations are voluntary and not required to download the e-book- your link to download is below. Some questions are simply not answerable given the researcher s time frame and resources. You should then describe the findings revealed from your study of the case using direct, declarative, and succinct proclamation of the study results. Does the case provide an opportunity to pursue action leading to the resolution of a problem? 2002 Case Research in Operations Management, in International Journal of Operations Production Management, 22 2 195 219.

Substantial and within reason original The question should not simply copy questions asked in other final year modules, or modules previously undertaken.

The interpretation of cultures Selected essays, New York Basic Books. described the problems he encountered when setting out to study Asian American teachers. I doubt that many researchers begin with these typologies in mind, but it is helpful perhaps to use these typologies to think about potential directions that a study might take and about the relevance of a study to a particular discipline.

Focus groups A form of interviewing where there are several participants there is an emphasis in the questioning on a tightly defined topic the accent is on interaction within the group and the joint construction of meaning. In these situations, it s okay to make assumptions, but they must be based on sound logic and analysis of information that is provided. The former leverages on the research done at respective IARU universities and integrates them in a manner, so that various factors such as epidemiology and cultural traits can be taken into account in identifying biomarkers and planning interventions. While having a disciplined approach to the process and acknowledging that case study can use quantitative methods, STAKE s approach is underpinned by a strong motivation for discovering meaning and understanding of experiences in context.

Contact Jane Mills College of Health Massey University Private Bag 102904 North Shore Auckland, New Zealand, 0745 Tel. For example, Yin 2003 describes a rationale for using a single instrumental case study when a set of propositions have been defined where the case study is designed to confirm, challenge, or extend the theory.

Non-directly quantifiable benefits include the formation of innovation clusters and the attraction of highly qualified students and faculty to ETH Zurich.

This type of case studies focus on phenomena within the contexts of real-life situations. Case Study Interview Questions About Product Feedback Is there anything about the product you would like to see changed or improved? Sub-question script What aspect does participant engage in as a central phenomenon? For example, why did Moscow treat Pussy Riot so harshly like a Communist government, given increasing attentions from international media and risks of loosing reputation as a democratic society in transition?

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