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Case studies in social work - Case Studies in Social Work Practice- Google Books

LGBT studies and queer theory New conflicts, and contested terrain., Ethics and representation in qualitative studies of literacy pp.

The following discussion focuses on the NASW Code of Ethics and how it may be useful in this situation.

Mary told me she was a social worker with an MSW and had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for many years.

Craig Winston LeCroy, Professor of Social Work at Arizona State University, selected case studies from the work of leading practitioners.

The EDCCP s core mission is to enhance the well-being of patients by creating care plans with people who are vulnerable and oppressed, and advocating for additional resources to promote their long-term health.

Engagement in cross-cultural clinical practice Narrative analysis of first session. Identify any additional information, research knowledge, and resources that are needed to develop and select options identify ways to gather what you need gather what you can.

On one hand, I was concerned about whether Mary would function as a competent professional colleague. Case studies received from SSAFA Personal Support Social Work Service RAF are also detailed.

When the case study uses qualitative methods, credibility aims to demonstrate that the inquiry was carried out in such a way as to establish rela- tions among the different components of the case, to achieve rich and meaningful descriptions of the case, and to assure internal coherence of findings in the data analysis Fishman, Confirmability refers to establishing a logical and reasonable conceptual link among the constructs studied in the case and the measures used, which act as indicators of such constructs Fishman, 2005. She was physically abused as a child, which prompted her move to the grandmother s home. In its particular cultural, social and historical context, the case study can be used either to develop or to test a theory Bryar, 1999. Identify and sort through the relevant facts presented by Marcel. in treatment Gilgun, J.

ABSTRACT Social work is emerging as a rapidly developing profession in mainland China, a unique context that affects how these new social workers view themselves, their professional identity, and their work. Paused You re listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Ms J contacted her local SSAFA PS SWS worker who visited her at home to discuss the situation, as well as the options available to her. In 2004, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services found that 89 of people who frequent the ED had a co-occurring disorder of substance use, mental health, and or medical health conditions. Even the product availability illustrates acceptance of multiplicity with the displays of different heating and cooling lubricants, pornographic films, and erotic magazines highlighting the beauty of the human form.

Who should be involved in the intervention for Robert? There should be more front-line social workers talking to us about their experiences and jobs. Full attention should be paid to communication processes required to establish a trustful and committed change climate. Central City Concern s programs have social and economic implications that promote sustainability by reducing the of emergency services and criminal justice involvement, both of which are costly to society Garske Williams, 1999 Karp 2000 Markowitz, 2006 Swartz Lurigio, 2007.

UK Guidance Domestic abuse case studies from the SSAFA Personal Support and Social Work Service RAF Updated 31 January 2017 Crown copyright 2017 This publication is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.

Analyze the issues in terms of knowledge presented in the training modules. Case study include 1 an empirical approach, 2 an intensive investigation of a single system or phenomenon that is embedded in a real-life context, and 3 a close association The case study does not refer to a clinical case report or to a data collection method but rather to an evidence-based empiri- cal approach Bergen While, 2000 Yin, 1994.

The homemaker states that she has, on several occasions, had to launder Ms.

Intense description should elaborate and answer questions, such as the target of the intervention phenomenon of interest i. Case study researchers may use existing coding systems or guidelines for clinical judging that are sound and previ- ously used in other similar research e. Analytic generalization requires demonstration that the case study f ind ings corres pon d with other cases and with patt erns predicted by theory Gilgun, 1992. Be sure that you have a concrete and specific strategy for how you would address alcohol issues with him. Analyze the issues in terms of knowledge presented in the training modules. The empirical material reveals how professionals commonly disregard these displays in favour of big things such as housing, employment, nuclear family structure, therapy and parental school attendance. In other words, the case study, although inductive, begins with a theoretical conceptual framework to compare and contrast and to eventu- The case study also differs from a case history with respect to its relationship to theory Hutchinson, 1990. Identify the problems, issues, and concerns that arise with Sam s situation. ABSTRACT Purpose The purpose of this paper is to build a new model of organisational change in Chinese hospitals drawing in all the key factors which explain the change process. There are a few notable exceptions for Kovacs, 2013 2010 Grant et al. The cases present issues encountered in social work practice related to the prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorders. Obser vers can rate tapes and tr ansc ripts usin g the ex istin g meas ure of, for ex ampl e, sym ptom se veri ty, whi ch is trea te d a s o bj ectiv e a nd q uant if iabl e d ata.

More information on this support service, as well as regional contact details, can be found on their. There are a number of compelling examples of recent sustainability initiatives in social work education that show promise for advancing the field s movement toward At times, Dave has had unsettling episodes of being unable to recall what happened while drinking. 26, fo r th e pu rp os e of th is di sc ou rs e, th eo ry de no te s, a se t of pro pos iot ion s whi ch po sit the nat ure of the rel ati ons hip s bet wee n pre def ine d constructs or variables Glynis et al. Findings A final revised model was created which built in the external context, including the professional culture and national culture which have complex impacts on individuals during a change process, in both beneficial and harmful ways. Even when the case study aims to explore a system phenomenon for theory building, it differs, for example, from grounded theory that begins an investigation without a preconceived theoretical framework Bergen While, 2000 Yin, 1992. Discuss implications for community intervention, prevention planning, social policy reform, and advocacy that are associated with Steven s situation. The investigative focus of the case study may be a particular system, such as an individual Cooper, 1990, a family Davis Reid, 1988, a treatment team Gilgun, 1988, a segment of a clinical session Lee, 2008, a community Eckert, 1980, a social service agency as an agent of change Alvelo, Garcia, Rosario, 2008 Chow Austin, 2008, or social service in a foreign country Collin Pinkerton, 2008.

The guidelines should be validated to determine whether prac- titioners and researchers find the criteria and dimensions useful and feasible in developing and evaluating case study research.

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