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Review of literature on consumer behaviour - Literature Review on consumer buying behaviour

This was done by each author independently reviewing the contents of articles they were assigned and then meeting and discussing their overall impressions of the types of articles published in the journal. The paper is based on a systematic review of literature on online consumer behaviour and operations, mainly in the fields of marketing and operations, published in international peer-reviewed journals between 2000 and September 2015. Internal reflect and are reflected in a variety of external determinants of behavior. For example, a growing number of Americans share a set of values based on feminism, global awareness and spiritual searching. The values, beliefs and opinions of those who surround the consumer affect decisions concerning real estate. Sales Promotion in retail environment Sales promotions have become increasingly important element of commercial marketing space Paettie, 2002. By using the systematic review approach, we aim to i identify elements relevant to online consumer behaviour from pre-purchase to post-purchase, ii understand the relationship between performance and consumer behaviour, and iii inspire future research on developing consumer service strategies that take into account these behavioural responses to performance outcomes. Individuals who share their opinions with others online are active consumers those who simply search for information in the comments or opinions posted by other customers are passive consumers. A detailed explanation of some of the key elements of the above mentioned conceptual models and provided in the next section.

Evidence is also available from the Web of Science Internet library source and Thomson Reuters journal citation reports, both measuring the influence of publications based on impact factors defined as the frequency with which articles from a journal have been cited. Research has shown that word-of-mouth communication is an important source of information for real estate buyers Hempel, 1969 Johnson, Salt and Wood, 1974 and Burke, Belch, Lutz and Bettman, 1979. Thus, when a couple has children, they may decide to buy a single-family house both to give the family more room than found in an apartment and to satisfy an emotional desire to put down roots. Customers are satisfied if the expectations are matched by the performance and opposite if otherwise. Consequently, WOM is considered the most important information source in consumers buying decisions and intended behavior. 2003 Brand Synthesis The of Consumer Knowledge.

Kollalt and Willet 1967 suggested that the impulse purchases are more likely to occur on a large grocery trip rather than an interim top up. Notably, ten articles 19 used transactional and archival data in longitudinal research that examined the actual behaviour of online consumers.

Values express the broad goals that motivate people and appropriate ways to attain these goals. Attitudes develop from beliefs about the favorableness of a behavior and the strength of those beliefs.

Nunes and Cespedes found that individual consumers behave differently across five stages of the buying process awareness, consideration, preference, purchase and post-sale service.

2 Teleological Behaviourism Teleological behaviourism proposes an interpretation of complex behavior based on final causes, i.

Although the proposed model needs empirical investigation, this study can contribute to better understanding and management of the relationship between order fulfilment and consumer behaviour in online retailing and, thereby, contribute to better understanding and management of the operations vs. Declaration of Conflicting Interests The author s declared no potential conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship, and or publication of this article.

Some members of the upper class want interesting neighborhoods, leading to gentrified inner city communities and charming places in the country Coleman, 1983. Human behavior elicits similarly conditioned response for an unconditioned stimulus that is similar to the conditioned stimulus Pachauri, 2001. Individual and situational factors influencing negative word-of-mouth behaviour. In a study on the relationship between quality and referrals in online retailing, Griffis et al. Then, each article was classified based on its research typology as being either qualitative, quantitative, or both. Evaluation of alternatives is the next most important part in the consumer decision making process. Lantz and Hjort similarly showed that a lenient returns policy also affects consumer behaviour free returns lead to an increase in order frequency and to a decrease in the average value of orders and purchase items. s study, the three OFSQ dimensions, including inventory availability and product condition, were found to have significant impacts on encounter satisfaction, which in turn affects repurchase intentions. In terms of creating competitive advantage through customer service, offering more assurance is the way to differentiate their business from their competitors. Shipping-fee structure thus affects consumer acquisition and retention. New product knowledge is positively related to impulse buying behaviour. The relevance between consumer choice and the decision making process is also depicted in the theory of utility in Economics. 6 The moving wall represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal. One might choose to buy something else because of the sales promotion that is going on at that particular store.

These savvy marketers know exactly how to distinguish the differences between beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors while leveraging all three in the development of marketing strategies. International Journal of Management Reviews, 15, pp.

Goodbye pareto principle, hello long tail the effect of search costs on the concentration of product sales. Also, the quality of products included with services. Attitudes based on direct experience with a product are usually held with more confidence than those derived from indirect experience. There are various other considerations while setting the retail prices. Two examples are the and studies reporting on the impact of advertising on researchers during different periods of time. The more similar the options, the more the consumer can rely on concrete criteria and price to make comparisons. The theme returns management in our review relates to returns procedures, returns preparation, returns options, refunds, and returns handling e.

Price promotion was one type, which depends on the economic dimension of product or service. According to the previous researches on information search by the customers, the effect of quantity of previous experience vary with the amount of type of search undertaken especially in the case of the real estate industry Baryla and Zumpano, 1995 and Anglin, 1997.

the degree to which a product s description is accurate, moderates the relationship between retailers capability of handling product returns and repurchase intention. The neoclassical theory states that the people make rational economic decisions about renting or purchasing real estate as an attempt to maximize their utility. A house being purchased to serve as a home is being evaluated for not only physical, but also social and psychological Hayward, 1977.

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